Yes that’s how my little furry friend and I stare–with cat eyes that can eat you ALIVE! Just kidding! I don’t bite, nor does my dress. Although you must admit, my dress rocks, doesn’t it? That tiger staring right at you is just so haunting. You can’t help but stare right back. Cat eyes can do that. They’re just so fierce and strong. I mean, imagine if the animal head on my dress is that of a zebra’s. You’d probably go, “oh cool, zebra. NEXT!”


And since this dress is just too darn cool for my usual handbags, I opted  for my shiny and new studded backpack instead. Yes, rocker Camille is back!!! Still no guitar prop in sight though.


[button link=”http://lookbook.nu/look/5225032-Modekungen-Bag-Persun-Mall-Dress-Feline” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at Lookbook.nu here[/button]


Persun Mall dress



Cotton On hat


Lannel Boutique OCC Lip Tar in Divine


SM Accessories necklace


SM Accessories cuff


Modekungen backpack


Alexander Wang shoes

132 Responses to “Feline”
  1. Maria Fe Estrella

    Ms. Cams, I really like that backpack. The site is on Swedish haha. I don’t know how to buy one on their site. Do you have an idea on how much that bag is. :-)

  2. Christine Koay

    Would you not talk to me if I say I love you? Lololol.. Sorry.. I just love reading your blog and i’m addicted to it! Hahaha.. I bought a similar dress like this last Sunday.. but mine is grey and it’s a cat print.. I’m so happy when i saw this post! =D and indeed, this dress rocks!! And I got so inspired, i bought 2 maxi dress.. one has a cat print with slits and the other one is colourful print on top with flowy skirt.. I immediately thought of you when i saw this 3 pieces.. I imagine it’s something you would wear too! Just thought of sharing this with you.. You rock, Ms Camille! <3

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Christine! :) Of course I’d still talk to you!!! :) Cats are so fierce!

      • Christine Koay

        Weeee~ happy me.. Lololol.. sorry.. my fan mode is on.. haha.. I just love mingming.. (do i spell it correctly?) haha.. are you a cat or dog person? do you own a pet, Ms Camille?

  3. Yanshi Brizuela

    I love your bag and the dress of course! Rocking outfit!! Rockkkk onnnn hahaha :D 5th and 6th pics are my faves :) You’re smizing!! <3 <3 <3


  4. Aj lizardo

    I really love your style camille!! :) kung alam mo lang me and my friend wants to be a fashion bloggers too! :) were pretending like you and laureen uy!! Hope to see you again ( we met in boracay last year) nagpapic talaga ako sayo lol!


  5. iamMichco

    Love this outfit! ALL BLACK :DD the sad thing is I can’t wear something like this XD they say that i should avoid wearing black because im soooo petite! >'< WAHHH! K.

    • Camille Co

      What? You can still wear black! :) You just have to pay attention to the silhouette :)

  6. Aj lizardo

    I really adore your styles camille co. Me and my friend trying to be like fashion bloggers lol!! Me as you and my friend as laureen uy!! Were like having fashion shoots everyday lol!! Hope to see you again!! (We met in boracay last year) nagpapic pako with you!! :))

  7. nica

    Gaaahd! we the same dress! but mine, i bought it in Terranova :)
    Bigla ko tuloy na feel na, I’m a Camille Co a day! :)))))))
    Drop dead Gorg! :)

  8. Riva Shane

    I’ve seen a lot of girls lately wearing tiger t shirt + denim shorts + boots and I must say that this look is different and I love this. :)

  9. Coleen

    I like it. it’s very Patricia Prieto :) I love how you are so versatile!

  10. gemUPS

    I like this look. It definitely shows the your fierce side. It really looks good on you!

  11. Don Losentes

    OMG! Gorgeous!! I love everything in your look! specially your studded bag and Alexander Wang shoes! awesome! :)))

  12. Daphne Libunao

    Hi ate Camille! It’s my birthday on August 14 and I’m turning 13! I’ve been such a big fan of yours ever since I saw you on the show in ETC love ya!! Hope to see you reply

      • Daphne Libunao

        Thanks Ate Camille!! I’ll always read your blog and when I see you in magazine spreads:) hope we get a chance to see each other personally!!!
        Thanks for replying love ya!!!

  13. Eriss

    Woooow! Just wow! You never fail to amaze me Ms. Camille! Edi ikaw na! Hahaha. Love the dress, the hat, the shoes, the bag. At syempre, you! :)

  14. Hazel Joy Jimenez

    you look fierce! you dress is really eye catching! nice look ms camille!!! ^_^

  15. Sephie Rojas

    Indie Rocker lang ang peg! Is that Richard Parker though? Lolz. Ang ganda siguro if you wore blue-green contacts rin. Cat eyes na talaga to the max! :P

  16. Zai Mae

    Ganda mo! Badtrip hahahaha! I kid Cams. You are na talaga! I hope to see you in future. :)
    Plus yung dress mo!! Winner! Gusto ko ng tiger na yan :)
    Kung dati prints lang uso ngayon faces na. Oh, fashion :)

  17. Ren

    I love that studded backpack! There’s no guitar in sight, do you know how to play the guitar??

  18. Tasha D.

    This look is beyoooooooond!!! So darn perpek! Another fashion orgasm moment for me! Very Jak and Jil, Stockholm Streetstyle, and Sartorialist worthy! Sana one day makita kita kahit isa sa mga website na yan! haha! We will be very proud! chos! haha! SIla Liz Uy, Georgina Wilson, and Mond Gutierrez na-photograph na nila eh.

  19. Colt Nava

    Ahhh too flawless I can’t take it anymore! lol Love everything from head to toe! I specifically adore your fringe-y ring.

      • Colt Nava

        Haha it’s ok! I understand you have heaps of sponsored clothes! But have you worn na bah the lilac sheer trench? :) I feel na medyo bagay sya sa weather these days eh so baka nasuot mo na :) Thanks and take care Camille!

  20. Pat Hernandez

    You still look fabulous even if you’re wearing an all-black outfit! I really love your style and of course you! <3
    random comment: you have the same shoes as Toni Gonzaga. hehe.

  21. merced

    hi camille! whats the size of this dress you’re exactly wearing? i love it!

  22. Lukie Chu

    BLAAAAACK again! <3 you really look like a rock star here because of your bag and dress! :))) yieeee you're so pretty cool! :) ang FIERCE :)))

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