Going Bananas


Stripes, dots and… wait, are those bananas?!? Yessir! Isn’t this just the quirkiest outfit ever? I would’ve gone for the usual black and white ensemble, but the bananas were just too cute to leave hanging (pun intended). So to add to its fun vibe, I wore a neon pink vest. How bagetsLol.


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Yesah vest Topshop top


Thomas Sabo earrings


Forever 21 necklace


SM Accessories cuffs Chanel bag


Yesah skirt


Zara boots

104 Responses to “Going Bananas”
  1. Yanshi

    I looooooooooooove this outfit!! stripes, dots, neon and bananas!! the elements went well together :)) Striking, but fun and chic! the bananas are cute!! hihihi :))


  2. Christine Koay

    BA NA NA BA BA NA NA…. Lol.. that song came into my head when i saw banana.. haha.. such a cute outfit, Ms Camille! what an interesting twist.. i have never seen banana on clothing before.. =)

  3. shleydam

    Where is your top from?looks familiar, I think beyonce wore that also… Plss reveal :)

  4. beatrice gases

    so adorable :D anyway cams can i have a favor ? please greet me naman on twitter tom. for my birthday :D it would mean so much to me if you would greet me especially on twitter .. so if you agree this is my twitter username its @trizzygases :D hoping to see your tweet tom . FINGERS CROSSED LEGS ALSO CROSSED

  5. Marnelli

    You and your puns hahaha :D That skirt is cute and your pink vest makes me think how awesome it’d be if your hair had pink tips :D

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Marnelli! I’d go for it if only my hair doesn’t need to get bleached! :)

  6. Joreina Blanco

    #RandomMoment as soon as I saw the banana details on your skirt, an image of Minions singing their Banana song played in my head. Hahaha. Like, it’s totally weird. But I totally love the unexpected pop of pink in your outfit, Ms. Camille!

  7. Ruth

    So cute! As usuall — maganda :-)

    Is that at the Ateneo biz school sa Rockwell??

  8. Don Losentes

    how many chanel bags to you have ms camille? gorgeous! haha

    • Camille Co

      I usually steal from my mom so if you count both of our bags, probably around 9 or so?

  9. Lourine

    I don’t know why but this outfit reminded me of The breakfast club. Hehe. Have you seen that movie?

  10. Shirley

    Couldn’t have said it any better. How bagets talaga! It’s young, playful, and quirky. Where were you going with this outfit?

  11. maebs

    Adorable outfit you pull of. :-) I’m always in love with you. :-) you are a goddess :-) medyo mahaba na po yung hair mo at tyhe same time medyo ng fade na po yung color ng hair mo po. Btw ate cams, I’ve seen your 2 in 1 gown mo pong design grabe po ang ganda :-)

  12. Vina Guerrero

    wow! i really love you shoes! all of them! you really have a great taste!

  13. toni

    I noticed that you’re into cropped tops lately. Is there any particular reason why? Not that you look bad in them. You actually look so fab!! Makes me envy you so much!! I would never ever wear a cropped top unless it’s the end of the world. Haha. That is the only time people would not bother to look scandalized by my abs este tabs.. hahaha

    • Camille Co

      LOL! I kept ordering them lately! I don’t know why as well. :) I’m trying to lessen wearing them out na haha! :)

  14. Erika Enriquez

    you are my idol :’) been looking at your blog for agessssss na. why cant we be sisters and share clothes :P

  15. Tasha D.

    Cute! Serving some Tanod realness yung vest mo ha. Chos!

    Thank God hindi na punong-puno yang tiny Chanel purse mo! Last time I saw you carry that, punong puno eh. Naloka ako, baka masira. You don’t do that to any of Karl Lagerfeld’s babies! CHOZ. Among you, your sissy and your mom, sino pinaka todo ingat with the designer bags? My Ate kasi is so critical when I borrow bags from her eh. Even with the tiniest detail of her bag talagang ini-inspect nya from damage after I return them to her. Partida yan ha! Hindi pa designer bags yung hinihiram ko! haha! Paano pa kaya pag designer, baka kailangan ko ng mag-gloves bago mahawakan yun. haha!

  16. April

    Hi miss camille, pag ganito sinusuot mo, usually ba people stare at you? Ang ganda mo. Take care and Godbless.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks April! I don’t think so haha! Hindi ko rin alam eh. I try not to mind how other people look at me :)

  17. Eljie Omandam

    your fashion style is 99.9% similar to mine LOL. Your so amazing camille!!!

  18. Cazzy

    This is so adorable! :D How can you look cute and regal at the same time?! Hahaha! More outfit posts like these please *I sound like a demanding reader LOL!*

  19. Clariss

    So pretty! you’re really my idol! can you please follow me back on twitter? please? it really is my dream :) @XXPANDACRAYON

  20. henley

    As always you look fab – you perfectly put together these bizarre combination.

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