Don’t Worry

I’d like to take full credit for this outfit… But really, who am I kidding? Co-ords are fool-proof no-brainers. No one can mess them up, especially when they’re this cute. It’s good that I thought of bringing this outfit with me to Sumilon Blue Water Island Resorts after the debacle that I went through the […]


Ruffle It Up

Too much ruffles can be tricky. You can either look extra dramatic or ready to take on the National Ballroom Dancing competition. Let’s be honest, ruffles can easily look tacky. But like everything else in fashion, there is hope. You just have to find the right combination. Going for good old black and white is a […]


Meeting Masbate

I didn’t think I’d ever find myself in Masbate. Not because I think any less of it but because I haven’t really heard much about it. When we talk about the Philippines and its famous cities, the list is always topped by Palawan, Cebu, Boracay, Davao and so on and so forth. Masbate, however, not […]


Swing Swing

A dress is only a dress until you style it up and make it into your own. I’ve always been a staunch believer of this. You can have all the expensive and pretty clothes you want but they can never reach their true potential unless you work them–work them from head to toe. Everything from […]


Second Skin

Women and lace, they go hand in hand like bacon and eggs, coffee and milk, peanut butter and jam…(I’ll stop the comparisons here before I make you hungry.) I’m sure you get the picture. In my opinion, no other fabric understands women like lace does. Whenever a woman dons a lace number, her femininity shines […]


Draw Me In

Watching the sun set in a new city is like waiting for a sweet surprise. You’ll never know what’s in store for you but it’ll take your breath away anyway. It’s amazing how each city’s sunset is uniquely different from the other. This one is from the charming city of Bohol. It has a delicate pastel-colored […]


Au Naturel

When you’re in the midst of nature, it’s nice to take inspiration from it. Strip down to the basics (not necessarily to your underwear LOL) and go au naturel. Opt for the no make-up look, disheveled hair and a simple and clean tunic like this. Trust me, you’ll feel and look more beautiful than if […]


Travel Diary: Abu Dhabi

Since I was staying for a week in Dubai, I thought I’d save an entire day to go out of the city and explore the capital of UAE–Abu Dhabi. I’ve always wanted to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (yes, the same mosque Rihanna infamously did an impromptu shoot at). So to make the most […]


Two Lovers Point

I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again anyway–Guam really has no shortage of dramatic overlooks. Just when I thought I’ve seen the best view of the city, Guam Visitors Bureau takes us to the famous Two Lovers Point, a cliff line located atop Tumon Bay in Northern Guam. It overlooks the glistening waters […]


Travel Diary: Sightseeing Around Guam

Blue skies with perfect white clouds make me weak in the knees. I don’t know when my penchant for them started but I seem to make a mental note to check them out all the time. This is probably why I noticed right away how Guam has the bluest sky and the prettiest clouds ever. Even with […]