Cast Away

If I were in Tom Hank’s movie Cast Away, this is how I envision myself. Alone in an unknown island, unsure of how long I’ll survive but still fabulously chic in my coincidentally ready-for-the-beach dress with unintentional BUT strategic slits here and there. LOL. But seriously, despite looking like this dress can pass off as […]


Basic Beach

Back in my favorite spot to take photos at in Bohol’s Instagram-friendly resort, Amorita. The first time I set foot in this place, I knew it was Instagram gold. It’s earthy meets modern industrial–a perfect complement to my basic beach style. Take note, I say basic beach, not b*tch. While the first is welcome, the […]


Ruby Woo In Blue

Remember when I told you I’ve decided to try red lipsticks? Well well, I have already started building my red lippie collection and it’s now safe to say that I have enough to satisfy my sudden urge to go red. Let’s start with the most famous one shall we? MAC’s Ruby Woo! I got it […]


These Blue Suede Shoes

These blue suede shoes are well-traveled! They’re back in Hong Kong again! Before flying back to Manila from New York, we decided to stop by Hong Kong first to help us adjust our body clocks and get rid of our jet lag. That or it’s just a lame excuse for us to shop and eat […]