If I were in Tom Hank’s movie Castaway, this is how I envision myself. Alone in an unknown island, unsure of how long I’ll survive but still fabulously chic in my coincidentally ready-for-the-beach dress with unintentional BUT strategic slits here and there. LOL. But seriously, despite looking like this dress can pass off as wardrobe for Castaway or some romantic shipwreck movie, I really love how unapologetic raw this dress looks. The unfinished hems and seams are what make this dress so effortlessly charming and special. Don’t you agree?

SheIn dress | Aldo sandals | Location: Amorita Resort, Bohol

36 Responses to “Castaway”
  1. Pobi

    If Tom Hanks could met you on the “Cast Away’s beach” he would never though about leaving the island ;)
    Stunning outfit!

  2. Ann

    Hi Camille, totally a random question. Do you get taxed by Custom whenever you order from Romwe? If so, how much? Will appreciate your reply!

  3. Kay

    Ang hot mo lang Cams!!! Sobrang pwede ka maging love interest ng bida if ever iremake ang Cast Away! Hahaha! This is a perfect example of you do not have to be naked just to look sexy/hot! That dress is for keeps! Everything is on point from your mermaid hair to your sandals!!!

  4. Katie

    Bumabakat ba sa legs yung ganyang shoes? I like to have my first pair din. Anyways, sana may close up shot parati ng shoes lalo nayan. Ang ganda lang :)

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