Amor Amorita

This is why there’s never a day I’m not thankful to live in the Philippines. Yes, the traffic does drive me crazy every now and then. The political landscape and our economy aren’t ideal neither. BUT there’s no denying our country’s beauty. We have the most breathtaking beaches that are quite easy to get to. And the icing on the cake? We’ve got amazing resorts to boot as well, Amorita Resort included. My short vacation in Bohol would not have been as memorable if it’s not for their delicious food, topnotch service and tasteful amenities. Til next time, Amorita!

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  1. Marie Kris Valencia

    Can you please tell me what camera are you using? aside from you are really pretty its a good shots at all!!

  2. Chantel

    Everything is maleficent, i love those pieces it looks really nice..Well, i noticed that you get a lot of fan and asking your opinion and advice. What to wear, which one do you prefer… Yada… yada… Maybe because you are one of the best ROLE MODEL for all of us. Keep it up Cams inspires are everyday. love you! :)

  3. fernan hum

    hi camille,

    i did the brazilian! it was really painful lalo na the behind part but i felt accomplished kasi i overcome my fear. thanks camille

  4. Jamme

    Hi Camille,
    Where to get the white one piece with scallop details?
    Thanks so much!

  5. fernan hum

    hi camille,

    you replied “all off” wala kasi ako idea about that regarding you know brazilian or bikini waxing.

  6. fernan hum

    what do you mean all off? sorry i don’t have any idea kasi. thanks

  7. fernan hum

    hy camille,

    just a random question. which do you prefer? brazilian wax or bikini wax? i wanna know kasi which is better so i can try this summer.


  8. CJ

    OMG! super sexy. life is so unfair. huhu i wish I’m that hot too.

  9. Rocel Dana Alulod

    I so love the first swimsuit! Huhu wish I had that kind of bod too!

  10. anne-marie

    very beautiful
    this is where the Philippines ?
    small question in English sites, talking Pilippinnes; they use the term “pinoy”, this corresponds to what?

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