Ready For Valentine’s

It’s that time of the year again when hearts all over the world are beating double time. If you already have a date for Valentine’s Day, good for you. If you don’t, there’s no need to binge on romantic movies and drown yourself in unhealthy (but oh so good) food that you’ll regret the next day. Who says only people in love (or infatuated) can enjoy Cupid’s favorite day of the year? Who says single ladies can’t dress up and have their Valentine’s Day fun too? I say, in love or not, make yourself feel better by taking the time to look good. Wear a sexy dress, put your best face on and go out! Love deserves to be celebrated by everyone. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Evita Peroni hair accessory | Jacatel earrings | Styligion dress | Stuart Weitzman heels

47 Responses to “Ready For Valentine’s”
  1. Karylle Charisse M. Olodin

    Nice outfit ate camille! Ive been a fan of yours in fact, I have a lot of pictures of you .

  2. Chantel

    This is so elegant, im so in-love with you and your dress. You really stand out in this piece. Who’s the lucky guy???? :)

  3. Pobi

    Still single? No way! You are so damn talendet and sexy lady!
    Perfect background for your perfect dress :)

  4. lala

    Hi Camille,

    Honest question which is hoping an honest answer :) did you had any part of your body enhanced? eyes (the tingsun), nose job? or cheek bone fixing? you just look too perfect! ;)

    • Camille Co

      I’m happy with just makeup contouring, padded bras and photoshop thank you. LOL. I’ve never had any surgeries, ever. I don’t know if I’ll ever have one in the future but too scared to go under the knife any time soon. Honest answer

  5. Namdi aniki

    As usual too beautiful..👌👌….i think u sud hv been a super model wts wid ua height n al…nt to foget u being able to carry off evry outfits.. N happy valentine’s day!!..😘

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