Sugar-Coated Candy

Hello there, sweetness! Who else thought of candies upon seeing my dress? I just couldn’t help but think of them because of the colorful stripes on my dress. I think my assistant thought of them too because when I asked her to do something different to my hair, she came up with this hairstyle that […]


Greener Pastures

Finally! I’m able to blog again, not without much difficulty though. My internet here in Florence is so bad. It takes me TEN YEARS to upload one photo! LOL! But you know me, I tried and tried until I succeeded. So before I go around the city and take in the sights of Florence once […]


I’ll Take You To The Candy Shop

Summer is near! Can you feel it? And as always, stripes are everywhere! I’m not complaining though. I love striped anything. It’s usually black and white stripes that we see a lot so it’s refreshing to see colorful ones like this in stores. For some reason, the stripes on my dress reminds me of a […]