Let’s Make Forever Count

It’s officially May…which means there’s only 19 more days before #CloseUpForeverSummer!!! Woohoooo! Can you believe this will be the last one EVER? I sure can’t. I’m still in a bit of denial actually. But there’s no point in sulking so I’ve decided to make this one the BEST one ever. Who’s with me? Let’s make the […]


Working The Fringe

Now before you ask me again if I changed my hair color, the answer is no. This is just an old set of photos from last year–one of the many that I have yet to post. I remember this day like it was yesterday though because it was the 1st birthday celebration of one of […]


Off To The Tropics

The sun is up, the heat is on, summer is officially here. What does this mean? More trips to the beach and other summer getaways! So don’t just get your summer outfits ready, make sure you’ve got a stylish bag to log with you that screams, “HEY SUMMER! I’m ready for you!!!!” The one I’m […]


Take A Closer Look

Just when you thought this outfit is for plain jane, take a closer look and you’ll find many surprises. There’s a major strap situation from the back, a couple of side slits, a dainty anklet thrown into the mix, and a sleek new local discovery that is the Ibarra watch. Put them all together and […]


Ho Chi Minh

My short trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was the most relaxed trip I’ve ever had last year. I had no itinerary planned so I had no idea what to expect. Good thing I had a friend who was familiar with the city to show me around. It was still a pretty chill schedule though. […]


Back At Jardin Du Luxembourg

As tempting as it is to wear a fancy dress and shoot all dramatically at the grand Jardin Du Luxembourg, it’s not exactly the most practical thing to wear when you’ve got a full day of “touring your sister around Paris” planned. Yes, I’m still at it–still playing tour guide to my sister because it’s […]


Hairy Situation

Deciding where to shoot my outfit photos in Park Güell is no easy task. As you’ve seen in my previous post about this place, it is just full of editorial-worthy spots! This area I chose to shoot in is called the Hypostyle Room or the Sala Hipóstila, a covered area with 86 striated columns. I thought […]


Best Face Forward

I know I should be starting my long-promised travel series from Paris and Barcelona already, but due to my busy schedule lately, I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and sift through the gazillion photos I took. YET AGAIN. All this sounds too familiar, doesn’t it? I never seem to learn! I […]


Flannel Fan

Maybe it’s the 90s kid in me but I’ve always like flannel. Whether it’s on trend or not, there wasn’t a time in my life that I didn’t have flannel in my closet. This must’ve been the reason why it came so natural for me to style Uniqlo’s flannel shirts during the recently concluded Uniqlo […]


My Travel Companion

Here’s my last #OOTD in Singapore to close my Resorts World Sentosa travel diaries. Don’t you worry though, I still have plenty of travel diaries lined up for you–from Barcelona, Paris, Vietnam, Bohol, Masbate and… Singapore (yes, again). As I’ve said countless times before, travel is one of my greatest passions and I’m incredibly fortunate […]