Hang To Dry

The photos below are from my shoot for The YS Hotlist I blogged about here. Too bad there wasn’t enough space to publish them on the paper so they didn’t make the cut. The concept for these was supposed to be to hang Coexist clothes or my designs behind me, but major fail on my […]


Behind-the-scenes: The YS Hotlist

Because of the frenzy that is Philippine Fashion Week, so much of my blog entries got pushed back! One of them being the behind-the-scenes from my shoot for The YS Hotlist I blogged about here. (Well, technically, it’s not really a behind-the-scenes coverage because I wasnâ’t able to take photos during the shoot itself, but […]


PFW presents Penshoppe

Penshoppe’s PFW show came right after Rusty Lopez’s. It was a delight to see so many familiar faces in the audience, especially co-bloggers! Intro. Penshoppe endorsers Victor Basa and Solenn Heussaff. Military/band jackets were all over that night. Check out the necklace too! Penshoppe endorsers Mikael Daez and Bea Soriano. Love the necklace! It somehow […]