Behind-the-scenes: Nikon Coolpix Shoot

Last week, I had a shoot for Nikon as one of their brand ambassadors. The shoot took place in this really cool furniture store / found objects gallery / art space / tea laboratory. Judging by the number of slashes, I think it’s pretty obvious how unique and full of character the place is. I just had to take a few photos to show you some of the quirky finds I spotted.

Everything is for sale! Check out the pencil decor!

More pencils! Recycled art are always the best.

Love the chairs!

And guess who I was with for the shoot?

None other than mother/queen becky (becky is Filipino slang for gay) herself, Divine Lee! She came in a cute polka dot romper.

Guess who else came in a cute polka dot romper?

Me! The shoot hasn’t even started yet and we’re already matching!

Make-up by Nanan Villaba and hair by Mark Baquiran. I wish I can get my hands on the MAC lipstick Nanan used on me. I need it in my life! It’s the cutest bright pink lipstick shade ever!

Hair and make-up? Check! Time to shoot!

The secret to perfect-fitting clothes? Clips! (Huling-huli ang chismis!)

I’m supposed to pretend I’m taking a photo of something. If only I take photos while doing this pose in real life haha! Sosyal!

Here I am again, pretending to be really fascinated with the plants I’m taking photos of outside haha! The camera I’m holding here is my favorite. It’s hot pink! Cuuuute!

And finally, a layout with Divine Lee herself! I’m in the presence of becky royalty! She’s so cool! I really admire her gay advocacy (among the many wonderful things she does). She deserves to be their icon (and everybody else’s). I wish she can teach me beckinese though! Laureen actually tried to teach me a few words before so I’m slowly learning. I now know what druvams, lafuse, lafang and lapoch mean. Okay, I’m going off topic, but I just have to say that beckies, especially Filipino beckies, are so creative. I mean just look at their lingo!

Anyway, back to the shoot.

Our theme is “free-spirited”. The style direction they showed us for the shoot was really colorful, as you can see from our outfits.

We did a few serious/fierce looks and a few smiling shots.

Divine is so pretty, don’t you think? And don’t get me started on the legssssss!

It’s a wrap! Divine and I with the photography team.

Thank you Nikon Philippines and Visions and Expressions! I can’t wait to use my new Nikon Coolpix SS1100pj! I’m so excited to use the built-in projector! More about that and the final shots from this shoot next time. :)

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  1. Tasha D.

    Super bet ka ng Becky Friends ni Divine! They always say how much they love your style! Kilala mo ba si Jake Galvez? The Make Up artist? Love na love ka nun! haha! Sana mag guest ka sa Becky Nights! Yung podcast nila Divine, Jake, Buern, and Matt Gozun! BONGGA YUN! Idamay mo na din si Laureen bilang sila atang dalawa ni Divine ang mas close! haha! Hay nakoooo sana nga talaga mangyari yun one day. Gusto ko mapanuod kung paano ka babalajin ng mga becky. (BALAJ meaning tatanungin ng mga nakakalokang questions haha! And by nakakaloka, as in nakakaloka talaga! haha! alam mo na yan!) I-GRANT SANA NI LORD ANG WISH KO NA MAG-GUEST KAYO NI LAUREEN SA BECKY NIGHTS! =))

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha naks, new word! Balaj! :) I love them! :) If they invite us, gooooow! :)

  2. kay

    i love following your blog! im fascinated with how effortless-looking all your photos are. and i often have guessing games as to the location of your shots. i hope you’ll a have post about your favorite/common shoot locations :)

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Kay! :) But if I do, then no guessing games na for you! :)

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