Last Wednesday, I, together with David and Lissa, was invited to give a talk to a select group of students at Miriam College High School. My peg for the day was a schoolgirl. Fitting, right? :)

Topshop top | From Hong Kong shorts (yes shorts!)

Holic blue tassel necklace | From Japan red/gold necklace

Extreme Finds flower connector ring | Basic Bags Manila bag | Michael Kors watch

SM Department Store (Kids) socks | Call It Spring shoes

Hype this look on here.

Aww, I miss going to school. I miss high school! Thank you to MCHS for inviting me. I had loads of fun! You girls are the sweetest and liveliest bunch of students I’ve ever given a talk to.

Remember the 7 B’s! Books before boys because boys bring babies, okay? Haha! :)

6 Responses to “Schoolgirl”
  1. Bryan

    I like this look too….very nice Camille. I wish school girls looked like this when i was a student ;)

  2. Ara

    I am seeing lace socks again. I really like those socks. They are really cute.
    Ms. Camille, these socks is best used together with what type of shoes? I’m sure that these socks looks good with mary janes and some heels… but what else? can it be paired with oxfords? loafers? My shoes for school looks like this and I think it won’t look good. What do you think? :)

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