Gimme Gucci

Who wants some Gucci? It’s no secret how much I love Gucci eyewear. It’s a pity our weather has been so gloomy these past few days but I’m sure the sun will turn up in no time. When it does, how about donning a pair from Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

I think the most beautiful parts of Gucci eyewear are its temples/arms. Most of Gucci’s iconic designs are translated on to these so whenever you take shots of your profile, these pretty things can be seen.

Gucci has a lot of different types and colors of frames this season. How about some large frames in leopard or bright red for the woman who takes charge?

Or sportswear-inspired Gucci sunglasses, perhaps? The pair on the left looks so retro to me!

How about a little cat-eye frames? Look at those colors!

Here’s how it looks like from the side. Still so cute right?

These are probably the coolest ones! I especially love the white frames.

For more of Gucci’s S/S 2012 eyewear collection, visit leading department stores and optical shops nationwide.

46 Responses to “Gimme Gucci”
  1. Gucci

    Gucci very nice and fashionable brand ever i seen. I love its fashionable sunglasses collection for men, women and kids as well.

  2. Riza

    I thought this is a blog giveaway! I prayed while scrolling down :D :D
    Anyway, those are tooooooooooo adorable but not so affordable :(

  3. Joicellene

    Goregeous eyewears!!!! Sadly they are not for this season. :(

  4. Patricia

    I wish there’s a black version of cat-eye frames. Para Audrey Hepburn lang ang peg. :)

  5. Christine

    I love the white aviator too! classic! purchasing quality sunnies is definitely in my bucket list..

  6. Mars Gemilga

    Camille, this question is unrelated to your post, but are you going to watch Big Bang’s Alive concert here in the Philippines this coming October? I’m pretty excited to see you, again. Even though it’s hard, because you’re probably be sitting on the VIP area. I hope you’ll take photos, considering that you’re near them, and post them in your blog. It’s gonna help your VIP readers. :)

  7. Mark U

    Those white rimmed aviator style Gucci’s are funky. You love affair with Gucci eye wear are probably as bad as my Ray-Ban affection. Even my everyday glasses are RB’s. Are those all yours?

  8. AC

    Gucci sunnies are the best. Light and classy :) Like Ms Camille :D
    Ms Camille. I am to join the SM RedHead next model search. Any tips on what to wear?

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks AC! :) Dress to accentuate your assets but don’t overdress :)

  9. Erika Enriquez

    Hii. :) about how much are they? im planning on buying one soon. :3

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