Blog Giveaway: Cotton On (CLOSED)

As I’ve previously mentioned here, our favorite Aussie fashion brand has finally arrived in Manila! YAY!!! To celebrate this momentous occasion (how dramatic haha), I, along with Bench/Suyen Corp. a.k.a. the great people responsible for bringing Cotton On in, have decided to throw a little giveaway for my readers. Note: readerSSSSSS. Just how many of you? Oh, only about a hundred.

Yes!! That’s right! 100 of you will get to win 10% discount coupons valid for use during Cotton On’s opening this September 7 at SM Mall Of Asia! Ten percent is a lot, mind you, especially when you can consider how affordable Cotton On’s items already are.

So, are you ready to join? Before you start typing away in my comment box below, follow these steps CAREFULLY! The first 100 to fulfill all these steps win!

  1. LIKE CottonOnPh on Facebook.
  2. Follow @CottonOnPH on Twitter.
  3. Tweet this: “I can’t wait for @CottonOnPH to open this Sept. 7 at @themallofasia! I hope I win the 10% discount coupon at !”
  4. Leave a comment below with your full name (must be the same with valid ID) and photo that proves you liked CottonOnPH on Facebook, followed them on Twitter and tweeted step #3. (If you can’t attach a photo here, upload the photo/s to a public album on Facebook or Twitter, and put the link to the album/photo here. Make sure it’s viewable by the public for me to see it.)

This contest is open for local residents only. Deadline for entries is on September 6, 11 PM. No multiple entries please. All comments will be published here only after I review them so once you’ve submitted your entry, don’t be surprised if you don’t see it published right away. (Mysterious kung mysterious!) I will announce the names of the 100 winners here in the comment box below on September 6, not later than 11:59PM. Winners should claim their discount coupons on September 7, 9 AM onwards at the registration table set up at Cotton On, SM Mall of Asia. Please bring a valid ID to claim your coupons. All coupons must be used on September 7 as well.

Good luck everyone!

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  1. itscamilleco

    Congratulations to the winners!
    1. Roger E. Tadefa Jr.
    2. Aleigna Lin S. Tejada
    3. Irene Pang
    4. Ia Erika Caira T. Tabotabo
    5. Dianne Paderes
    6. Nicole Allyson Almendarez Chua
    7. Krizza Dinglasan
    8. Hannah Carmella Lois
    9. Girlie Kilario Suezo
    10. Elaine Valerie Tan Varquez
    11. Kimberlee Trisha Gacita
    12. Samantha Nicole Da Silva Realica
    13. Riczanelie Pandaraoan
    14. Julia Rae Yu de Leon
    15. Krystle Ashley Chua
    16. Daphne Siy
    17. Patrice Anne Sese
    18. Maylene Bernice C. Uy
    19. Robiline A. Cuenco
    20. Cecilia Patricia L. Fernando
    21. Cillalois Marie D. Famero
    22. Nina Sara A. Panganiban
    23. Angelica Natasha A. Co
    24. ulla rosanne sy
    25. Gellica Anne Cu
    26. Jeanne Ong Siy
    27. Ervan Fernando
    28. Jam Yuso
    29. Mirzi Sarte
    30. Iya Moriana C. Idea
    31. Paola Kathrina Marpuri
    32. lorna m. dela cruz
    33. Deniece Anne Liza
    34. Nicole Trisha Sotamco Lao
    35. Philaine De Armas
    36. Jhoy Escabel
    37. Jackie lana dy tan
    38. Ma. Catherine Paula Dela Cruz
    39. Justine Urbano
    40. Jessica Marie Mendoza
    41. Aldrin Paul P. Cabalu
    42. Jean Erika Base
    43. Melanie Bacor
    44. Leah Krizzel T. Osayta
    45. Anna Melissa C. Nalagan
    47. Aileen B. Bolocon
    48. Cindy Simbulan
    49. Lea Anne Myrelly M. Arevalo
    50. Karen C. Vargas
    51. Shey Ann B. Asuncion
    53. Jevey Anne R. Resco
    54. Denise Recomono
    55. Skylar Lisette McGeorge
    56. Margaret Francisco
    57. Roxanne Kirstie Restar
    58. Alyanna Therese Concepcion
    59. Esmeralda Marteja
    60. Dana Julya S. Dela Torre
    61. Jaimie Regina Davis
    62. Suzette Cania
    63. Aerielle M. Nuestro
    64. Audrey Noreen Deza
    65. Ara Mae Nacario
    66. Noelyn Joyce R. Morales
    67. Michaela Navato
    68. Bernadette Cuason
    69. rica marie
    70. Marifel Geronimo
    71. Riza C. Ballarbare
    73. Jocelle Abao
    74. Crystal J. Castro
    75. Laidiza Gumera
    76. Mark Llado
    77. Andrea Mittle T. Alegre
    78. Anjelica Mae S. Mangahas
    79. Michelle G. Villanueva
    80. Ma. Niewelyn B. Rivera / Len B. Rivera
    81. Maragrita Bartolome
    82. Leandro Lulu
    83. Katherine Anne L. Fernando
    84. Jeniel Macindo
    85. Maria Robylyn Sulit
    86. Bernice Emerald Balace
    87. Maria Stephanie O. Cabahug
    88. Mary Grace de Jesus
    89. Hannah Graziella B. Mayo
    90. Cheska Que
    91. Marlene Tesoro
    92. Angelica Keith Lim Tan
    93. Stephanie F. Locsin
    94. Lizette Chloe L. Tan
    95. Claudine Julia Monique Co
    96. Marivic Simbol
    97. Katrina Elauria
    98. Girlie Kilario
    99. Candace noreen Bagalawis
    100. Michelle Chan


    Hi! Question. Can I use 2 or 3 discount coupons for 1 transaction or 1 coupon per transaction only?

    Also, can I pick up the coupons in the evening cause I’ll be going after work pa.


    • itscamilleco

      Yes you can pick it up anytime during the day. :) I think you can use the 10% coupon on all your purchases but only 1 coupon.

  3. Gabbi Seva

    Hi! I’ve joined (and won) Patricia Prieto’s giveaway already. Can I still join? Haha, I don’t want to hoard naman. :D

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Michelle! The link only directs me to my own “following” list :) Please post a link to screencaps instead. :)

  4. Lauren

    Great giveaway! I would do it, but I don’t have Facebook. Oh well! I will still be buying from there :)


    • itscamilleco

      Sorry, the page can not be displayed. This may be because you are account is set to private.



    TWITTER NAME: @meprincessa_03

    The link of the photo that proves I liked CottonOnPH on Facebook.

    The link of the photo that proves I followed CottonOnPH on Twitter

    The link of the photo of my tweet –

    • itscamilleco

      Hi Karla! Sorry but the link you gave me only led me to a photo of a girl, who I’m guessing is you haha

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