Lucky Dots

Put some sparkle onto your outfit and you can take any outfit from drab to fab. I always do this whenever I’m in a simple dress and I’m too lazy to change for an event later in the day. It’s a quick and easy way to glam anything up!

This time around, I decided to try this trick on something different: basic knit shirts! I used to always wear basic knit shirts like this back in college. I was channeling Mischa Barton circa The O.C when Marissa Cooper hasn’t gone coo coo yet. I loved wearing them because they’re so comfy and preppy. Plus, they’re casual but not too casual to be considered inappropriate for school. I always wore them with super basic shorts, pants or skirts though. I never really tried turning them into something dressy.

So here’s how I turned my casual knit top into something a little bit dressier: lots of bling, a tulle skirt, a nice looking bag and a cute little bun. If you noticed, my top and skirt are actually matching, polka dots all the way!

Tulle skirts can make anything look dreamy, sweet and feminine. I love them!

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Muji top (available at SM Mall of Asia)

Forever 21 necklace

Apple & Eve ring (available at SM Mall of Asia) | Thomas Sabo charm bracelet (available at SM Mall of Asia)

To make my look even sweeter, I accessorized with a pretty charm bracelet I picked out from Thomas Sabo. Instead of the usual silver charms, I went with the pearl charms to make my bracelet look dainty. The pearl charms I chose are the one with a diamond cross, another with a diamond shoe, another with a nice little ribbon like my blog’s logo and the last with a silver heart that has the word “LOVE” engraved on it. Sigh. Charm bracelets are really so… charming. I apologize for the lack of a better word, but they really are!!! They can get addicting!

Kate Spade neon pink bag

SM GTW polka dot tulle skirt (available at SM Mall of Asia)

Brian Atwood shoes

Again, most of the items I’m wearing here are available at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) which is already on a mall-wide sale for up to 70% off, starting today until Sunday. The mall is open everyday until 12 midnight for the big MOA sale so there is a lot of time for you to shop to your heart’s content, like how I did below har har!

As if I haven’t shopped til I dropped already, I’m going back to MOA again tomorrow for the Come Play with Goody Event where I will speak about blogging and judge the fashion show auditions; right after that, I’m definitely shopping some more! If you’re free, drop by too why don’t you? You won’t regret it! Aside from the Goody event and awesome shopping deals, there’s also the beauty/make-up workshop event by Shu Uemura, Mens Fashion Show featuring Daniel Matsunaga and Hideo Muraoka plus a raffle draw where you can get a chance to win 1 of 2 Chevy cars! Selected restaurants from Bistro group will also be on sale! (Told you the sale is BIG, even dining is on sale! Geez!)

Always the best and biggest sales, only at SM Mall of Asia! For more updates, follow @themallofasia on Twitter.

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  1. Danielle

    I love the whole outfit! Esp the bag. May I know where exactly you bought it? Online or Kate Spade boutique? Thank you :)

  2. Jerome

    Hi Camille! you look so lovely that i scroll up again the mouse pointer (hihi)… Honestly,I’m not into fashion blogs (I’m a guy kasi) but your’s always captivates me. Even when you were on tumblr. By the way, Congrats! You’re in the cover of Preview mag! =)

  3. Macy

    Hi Camille!

    May I know from what particular brand of SM’s GTW the skirt is from? Love it! Thanks!

  4. Mark U

    So prim and proper.. I can almost see you breaking out into singing “The Sound of Music” ala Julie Andrews. A bit early for Chinese New Year, yes? hehe.

    And cute video, can’t help but notice how the guy at Shu Uemura looked star struck and feeling short. XD

    Just noticed the new blog feature. Love the click-zoom. :D

    • itscamilleco

      Haha I didn’t even notice that in the video!

      I have a new blog feature??!!! I didn’t know! Haha! How cool!

      And yes, I know what you mean! I felt so prim and proper indeed. I actually changed to Keds after and instantly felt like I was in Grease haha!

      • Mark U

        Haha! This is could be your Musical/Dance peg!

        And I think it’s a new WordPress feature. It seems my blog has it too.

  5. nikka

    ms. cams, can i ask the brand and the specific color of your lipstick? i really like it. It goes with your lovely bag….

  6. Mich Angela

    1950’s.. That’s the first thing that came in my mind when i saw this outfit.. Really love your style Miss Camille.. I hope to see you in person ^^,

  7. julie ann

    wow..ur so rich miss camille:) you almost visited all the boutiques there:))
    love ur pink bag..soo cute:)

  8. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Ms.Camille , I’m here again I hope di ka naukulitan sakin. May I ask question?Anu po ba ang bagay sakin na mejo payat and morena? Thanks .:)

  9. NicoleLariosa23

    Ahehehe nice video miss camille!:) it was actually very entertaining!:))

  10. Andrea

    Camille,you’re truly a fashionista.I love your style and I mean that I love all of your oufits :D

  11. Angelica Desiderio

    does Muji got lot of socks ?? how much ?? and how much is your tulle skirt?

  12. Isa Reynoso

    This is soooooooo pretty! <3 I love collared tops too! Super glad to know that it's from Muji 'cause we might go to SM Mall of Asia tomorrow :) :) :) your skirt and bag, very LOVELY! <3

  13. Nichole

    I wonder when you went to MOA. There were really few shoppers then. :))) I can’t imagine if I will bump into you there. That will be so cool. <3

    I really like your style and this blog. Keep it up! :D

    • itscamilleco

      I went on a Saturday morning :) I guess people generally try to stay away once they see cameras following haha!

  14. kriii31

    So prettty and love the outfit as always :)) Oh that hair bun again :/ . Anyway i’d love to shop with you <3. Camille Co like a boss !

  15. Chai Chen

    Another office style inspiration for me!!!! You really keep on inspiring me. :) I’m always on the verge of dressing too-young though I’m in the corporate world. And sometimes, while I’m still young indeed, people tend to misinterpret and I don’t get treated seriously. I guess this one would pass for me, without the pink bag. :)


  16. Dheya Suzuki

    uhhh. :”) I so love your skirt! hi, ate Camille. I need a lot of catching up on your blog. :( HAHA. scrolling through this made me realized that I`ve been very busy. haha. back on your outfit, I love the polka dot thingy in your top and skirt. your skirt reminds me of my doll shoes. same color, same print. haha. I love tulle skirt. and it looks good on you. as if you were taller. hihi. :”> and your bag really stands out.

  17. rona

    your bag is so pretty!!!! so inggit! :”> Miss Cams! Could you suggest a theme for creative shot? It’s for my graduation photoshoot sana. hihi :)

  18. Tasha D.

    That bag is to die for!!!!! It’s so bright! Parang kahit apocalypse na at super dilim, marerescue ka parin. Oh diba taray! Salbabida lang ang peg ng bag mo! haha!

  19. Roxanne Del Rosario

    Ate Camille :) i’m 17 and you are my idol :) you are so pretty :) God bless you :)

  20. ClarissfromManila

    I loved your video <3 I want to hear your voice too :))
    May i ask where do you get your hair color done? :D

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Clariss! My voice is so tiny haha! :) I have it done at Park Jun Salon :)

  21. Oksana

    Amazing outfit! So gentle and beautiful! I am an absolute fan of your accessories! Love this wonderful necklace!

  22. Dk

    Waaaaah. I love shopping! And its both a joy and pain (in my wallet!) when I do shop. But really its more a joy talaga. Haha!

  23. Ruki

    There’s something about “Romantic Vibe” and “Camille Co” which makes one feel that the two are perfect for each other. I dunno if others would agree on this but I really do think that it truly is. Haha! I mean, you always incorporate it in your outfits. Sometimes the vibe is on the color of the pieces, sometimes it’s on the details, sometimes it’s on the accessories you are wearing, and sometimes, it’s on the garments themselves! You really define sophisticated elegance. Funny because just a while ago me and my friends were talking about who our favorite female blogger is and I was the only one who has pictures stored in my cellphone in case of references about you. Oh di ba? Dedicated! :D

    P.S. I almost fainted while watching the video showing you, shopping! I wonder, meron sigurong mga taong ang expression nila kapag nakita ka is, “Uy! Bumili si Camille ng ganito damit! Makabili nga rin!” xD

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