You’ll see this on national TV soon!!! Can you guess what show I wore this too? I actually shot my outfit photos within the studio/network’s compound so if you can guess that based on my background, then you’re pretty good and that’s one hint for you. The reason why I’ll be on the said show is related to Pantene‘s Nature Care line. I’m sure most of you have seen their commercial with celebrities Angelica Panganiban and Cristine Reyes.



Ring any bells?

I’m definitely “sway” this time around. And because feel na feel ko ang sway, mega-sway and flip naman ako! I love how my hair resembled my skirt’s movement as well in this photo. Well, that’s Pantene for you! Smoothness and full of life, indeed!

SM Accessories earrings

Versace x H&M belt

Axis watch | SM Accessories silver cuff | H&M gold bracelet

Mango heels

Apartment 8 dress

[button link=”http://lookbook.nu/look/4024864-Sway” size=”small” bg_color=”#e5b3b9″ window=”yes”]Hype this look at Lookbook.nu here[/button]

Since the shoot was for national TV, I wanted to wear something simple yet bold at the same time. I didn’t want to wear anything too complicated and layered. In my opinion, daytime shows (another hint for you) require wardrobe that are relate-able and fuss-free. A simple mullet dress like this is perfect! I just made it more interesting by wearing it in bright colors. Minimal accessories are also preferred to avoid adding any distractions. The focus should be on my face and hair after all!

117 Responses to “Sway”
  1. Emma

    I think the purpose of my laptop is to look at your blog and your other fellow bloggers’ blogs. I am so in love with your outfit. I just want to see you in person!

  2. Pat Hernandez

    related to Pantene’s hair care line endorsed by Angelica Panganiban & Cristine Reyes, so it’s definitely ABS-CBN. and it’s a morning show. hmmm. I really think it’s KrisTV! OMG. I can’t wait to see you on TV and hear your voice! :D I really hope it’s on a Monday. If not, I’ll just look for a replay online. I really love how you dress! Thank you for inspiring me all the time, Miss Camille! May God bless you always! :)

  3. Joicellene

    OMG. KRISTV? hahahahaha!!!! =)))))) I love your dress perfecty pretty and see you very soon on NATIONAL TV!!!! I’ll surely watch and shout; “That’s my #1 fashion iconl!!!”

  4. elaine g.

    the moment i read “You’ll see this on national TV soon!!!”, Kris TV exactly popped-out on my mind. I. SWEAR. And i have no idea why. but when i saw the word Pantene, i think of that BIGGER chance that you’ll be guesting there and then you said of “daytime shows”, oh.my.God! seryoso?!!? (assuming na alam kong sa Kris TV nga. Hahaha) :)))

  5. Maebs

    you look stunning! love your dress! I’m looking forward to see you in national television!. :) meron din po akong ganyan style nang dress plain black po. anong pwede ko pong accessorize doon? thanks!

  6. Mark U

    Shots need more hair tossing and skirt flipping.. or the spinny turning flouncy thing. Needs more “Swaaaaaaay”, yes yes, that’s it.

    What’s this => “GAFZAZVMEU9G”, a Promo code or something? It’s at the end of the post.

  7. Lauren

    You’re going to be on national tv?! So lucky :) you are gorgeous as always! Blue and orange work really well on this dress, and I love the dip in material at the back of the dress



  8. Giselle

    Loving the “sway” shot, the one where in your dress and your hair was perfectly captured in the moment! <3 May I ask, how do you turn in those high heels and not trip or fall? You make it look effortless but I know one wrong move of the foot and PAK! you're on the floor. I've tried to do it kasi.. but failed!! =))))) lol

    • itscamilleco

      I really just turn haha! I don’t know how to explain it! My feet just pivot LOL :)

  9. lovedei teves

    hi miss cams i really love your style :) miss cams post some casual outfits :) pretty pls :)<3

  10. Abi

    Ganda so much! Anyways, daytime + pantene? Kris TV! Kris A. is also Pantene’s endorser db? hehehe! Yeye! Go go! Hmm, sana andun din sila Patricia, Laureen and Kryz :)

  11. Suzy Ledesma

    I noticed you haven’t worn any of your creations as of late, I was wondering why? :D anyhoo, you look good as always :D

  12. Andrea

    Sooooooooooooooooooo gorgeous.I love the contrast between orange and blue.And the heels!They are so classy yet sexi.

  13. Mariah =]

    Hmmm will I be able to watch you on tfc Camille??? I hope so im a big fan lol..will there be other fashionista guests??? in anyways can’t wait

  14. jhay-cee

    the color of the dress is refreshing. love it.
    oh. i have no idea what TV show is, but i hope it’s TV show in GMA kapuso. :-D

    xoxo – jhaycee

  15. Janey Jane

    I want that dress! hehe i’m excited to see you on TV Cams. can’t wait for it.

  16. Mimi Francisco

    Bright colors really make the day right Camille. It’s simple and elegant in you. So excited to see you with the gold ones I reserved for you. I thought there’s no one else but only you can wear them elegantly :) I’ve already emailed you the fb account. Will advice you when the IG account is ready. Hope to hear from you soon. More power, God bless!

  17. love ignacio

    hi camille im a fan indeed,love all of your clothes and shoes,wish i could take pictures with you sometime, with emote ha…haha (giggles)

  18. Tricia G. Ladiana

    Hi Ms. Camille, free lang ba yang mga clothes mo and shoes ? :) just wondering! :)

  19. Ayeen

    Hmm.. My guess is KrisTV. :)

    And yea, this dress should be labeled as ‘bloggers’ choice.’ I’ve been thinking about getting one, but afraid that I might not be able to pull it off. Haha! :D


  20. Palm

    I always wanted to wear dresses like this one in the office. But I don’t know exactly if the guards would allow me to swipe in. I have been blocked once for wearing a trendy one. It’s just a reality sometimes that there are still some who are not into today’s fashion. And we cannot blame them. Hos sad!

    • Palm

      Wait! Kris Aquino is a Pantene endorser, correct? Is this for Kris TV? I was thinking of Showtime because of the “sway and bounce” thingy. But I guess it’s for Rejoice and not Pantene. haha!

      • palm

        I’m not into blazers, as I’m not very comfortable with anything on top of my blouse or dress. But will try. Thanks, dear..

  21. beth

    Hi Camille!!!! You look beautiful in that outfit! Just wanted to ask about the Mango Fetish sandals. I want to buy a pair online but not sure about the sizing. Are they true to size or do they run smaller or larger than usual? Also, are you wearing the silver or the gold? Which colour do you think is more versatile. I have a more olive/brown/morena complexion compared to you, I think…. do you reckon gold tones suit darker skin better? Looking forward to hear from you. Thank you!

    • itscamilleco

      Thanks Beth! I think gold suits you better :) I’m always a 37 and still am with this pair :)

  22. gladys

    I guess I already have a hint on what show you are talking about…hahahaha.. But I am not really that sure…Can’t you reveal Miss when and what time your appearance would be? I just wanted to, you know, mag-abang. I don’t usually watch na tv especially daytime shows dahil klalse..:'(
    That is, if you can reveal. But if not, good luck to me.:D

      • gladys

        …YEHEY!!! hahahahha…
        Salamat Po..:))

        P.S.: dahil po sa inyo miss, natutunan ko nang magustuhan ang orange na dati nasa una sa listahan ko ng colors na di ko gusto…hahahhaa

  23. MT

    Saw this at Domz Tiu’s blog. This dress is a favorite blogger’s choice. Very bold piece indeed.

  24. Tricia G. Ladiana

    OMy!I’m dying, I super love the color of the dress :( Beautiful as always,

    your number 1 fan & future P.A ,
    TRICIA :D #charot!

  25. Tasha D.

    You should be a judge in Showtime! haha! hmmm…probably you’re guesting in KrisTV no? Kris Aquino is an endorser of Pantene din kasi eh.

      • Tasha D.

        ang galing ko talaga! haha! I knew it! Kris TV it is! :D Is the episode all about bloggers? Who are you with? I should get a prize for being the only one able to guess it right. CHOS. haha!

        • itscamilleco

          Hahaha talagang humingi ka ng prize?! :) It’s about Pantene and our blogs :) I was with Patricia

  26. Dheya Suzuki

    pag open ko palang ng blog, ayy, eto yung dress mo. haha. no need to read the details. I know na ito yon. haha. love your skirt. :p and, inform us kung kailan ka namin makikita sa tv. XD kasi naman sa ETC palang kita nakita. :DDDD the best talaga ang Pantene for hair. =))

  27. Catherine Cueto

    I love this!
    One word to describe you? GORGEOUS!!!!
    Will you go to BU4? I want to take a picture with you!! ^_^
    Loveyaah! :)


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