CC Is For Camille Co


You should be getting used to my late night blog posts already. I apologize if this has been going on for quite some time now. My time management skills are not what they used to be. That, or I’m just insanely busy at the moment. I hope you understand!


Anyway, I think this post’s title can not be more straightforward than it already is. Si Coco Chanel kasi! Ginagaya ako! (Rough translation: That Coco Chanel keeps imitating me!) I kid, I kid. One of the many reasons why I love Chanel is because I have the same initials as her. Granted it may be on the shallow side but still, it’s nice to have CC’s on everything. I don’t have to have my items personalised, mareng Coco Chanel already did it for me. *shrugs shoulders* *insert smug emoticon a.k.a.smiley with shades here*


When I first got this top, I thought it was the perfect irony. Chanel has always been classic, clean and sophisticated. This top seems to want to break that image. Oh the wonders of graphic design–just a few modifications and already the iconic logo seems to be portraying a completely different image. I decided to let this top and all its irony dictate the rest of my outfit. I took inspiration from it and styled my outfit according to this concept.


Another ironic pairing–leather and pearls. Who would’ve thought this 2 would ever meet and most importantly, actually look good together? Pieces like these leather shorts are treasured in my closet. They’re unexpected which makes them all the more striking.


Instead of wearing booties and the like, I opted for a classic pair of pumps. Again, it’s all about the balancing act. I wanted my outfit to be a mix of classic and modern/edgy pieces–including my accessories.


Little tidbit: it was actually my mom who found this necklace at H&M when we were shopping in Singapore. She had the “proud moment” kind of face when she handed it to me and told me I should get it. I was proud of her as well. Good job, mom. Good job! The only thing I don’t like about this necklace is it’s extremely heavy. But then again, it’s too pretty not to buy!


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Chanel earrings 


H&M necklace

Push Thru top


She Inside leather shorts


Nail Spa Lounge By Ellabell Sparitual vegan nail polish 


H&M skull ring | From Singapore black wings ring Tag Heuer watch Thomas Sabo charm bracelet Forever 21  Chanel bag


Forever 21 heels

110 Responses to “CC Is For Camille Co”
  1. Philip

    The TaG Heuer watch in combination with the other jewelry on your wrist is appealing, Camille. The Tag Heuer has a rather ‘masculine’ charisma while you transform it into a gem so feminine…..:-)

    Love your heels too !

  2. Jamela

    Very nice! One of my favorite outfits that you made.
    It is not easy to pair a printed blouse with printed skirts/pants. But this is perfect!

  3. Tanya

    Oh my goodness! Glamorous indeed! You totally rocked this look! Love everything about it especially the shorts and the bag! ♥

  4. jhay-cee

    Adorable look. It’s so you Miss. :) I love the details of your short.


  5. Colt Nava

    This is lovely, Camille :D Since the CC here looks like a dripping blood, does this mean it’s a bloody Camille Co? haha.. Kahit everything is black and white, it doesn’t look boring at all, awesome job bloody Camille <3

  6. Rica

    Don’t be sorry cams, we actually would like to thank you for sleeping late just to update your blog and to consider that your readers are waiting for your blog post:) Anyway,, What more can I say? you always inspire me to keep exploring in Fashion world.. Match & mix :) I super love your looks! (as always :))

  7. Grace

    I love mareng coco chanel hahahahahaha… I cant stop laughing at this word… Kaloka lng.. I love the outfit here

    • itscamilleco

      I love the idea as well. I’m claiming it! Haha! :) Thanks Fifi!

  8. Arianna

    ” I don’t have to have my items personalised, mareng Coco Chanel already did it for me. *shrugs shoulders* *insert smug emoticon a.k.a.smiley with shades here*”

    That was so funny Ms. Camille :))) anddd of course you look gorg!! <3 <3

  9. Ren

    The top is very perfect for this scorching hot summer isn’t it? And I love the details or is it some sort of gems or pearl on your leather shorts? Supeeer great!! ;)

  10. Cha Conrado

    Oh sorry Camille I guess CC stands for Cha Conrado. LOL jk. Anyway I was on that “proud moment” when I realized I have the same initials as you and Chanel. Oh diba parehas tayong CC? xD Anyway will you be at Candy Style Awards this May?

    • itscamilleco

      Haha pwede namang i-share LOL :) Thanks Cha! I’m not sure :)

  11. Roxanne Limpante

    i love this look Miss Camille, it looks very edgy,
    ang bongga ng embellishments sa shorts!
    napaisip ako sa initials, lucky me! may RL na
    initials haha :D

  12. beatrice gases

    yey ang galing mo talaga mag mix i love you so much :D love the bag :D don’t worry pupunta na ako sa nso para papalitan ko name ko para ang initials LV ahaha ang nice mo pa para magreply sa comments namin despite your busy sched ayt ayt kaw na girllll

    • itscamilleco

      Hahaha love your joke! Dali, go to NSO. This matter is super important! :)

  13. Nina Morada

    hi camille,youre the best blogger talaga that I know,your photos are perfect and the style, OMG!! Hope to be a model someday or a fashion blogger like you. ♥♥♥

  14. Anaivilo

    Classic and edgy indeed! I looove this look, I especially love the details in the shorts and the shoes! They have such a great design ;)

  15. Angel

    I love the whole outfit and you’re right…leather and pearls! who would’ve thought!?! :)

  16. Christine Koay

    Camille Co is the new CC!! =D Classy & elegant!! There’s a brand for my initial too! Which is Calvin Klein, CK! =D
    I saw the top wore by a blogger too.. just forgot who.. hmm.. I love the pearl embellishment on your leather pants!! Your mum have great taste!! My mum also will have that proud face when she choose something nice.. We went shopping and I bought a shoe that she chose.. but I gave it to her because it’s too tight on me! We share the same taste which is we love classic piece! Mum will always be mum! =) and I love that Chanel bag too! So cute!!

    • itscamilleco

      It’s supposed to be red but it faded to my original color, a little brown :)

  17. fifi

    oooh…love those shorts *drool*…but i don’t know how you managed to wear them under this hot summer weather! hot a**, literally!!! haha

    • itscamilleco

      Haha! I didn’t feel the difference. Must be because the shorts are not tight :)

  18. Jaszy Santos

    Hi ate beautiful :). I always check your blog every morning for a new post, even in lookbook. :) You look good in everything you wear!

  19. Dolly

    Those heels are from Forever?!? I never would’ve guessed! They’re so pretty… totally want!!

  20. Reena

    you’re so adorable….Is there any dress that doesn’t fit you right?
    really!!!! Beautiful…..

  21. Tasha D.

    Sobrang kamukha na ng shoes mo yung kay Alexander Wang! And I noticed nagiging trend na ang low rise heels ah. Pero height is might parin ang peg ko! haha! parang ang hirap kasi i-pull off ng mabababang heels eh.

    • itscamilleco

      But so easy to walk in naman :) And no platform heels tend to look more sophisticated :)

    • itscamilleco

      Awww thank you Beatrice! I have a long long way to go :)

  22. Alyssa

    Love your shorts! When I saw the title of this blog post ‘CC is for Camille Co’ I remembered Chanel in the story Three Words Eight Letters Say it and I’m Yours & Three Words Eight Letters if I say it Will I be Yours? which you can read at Wattpad because she also have the same initials as yours (Chanel Courtney Clemente Chua) Diba puro C? Haha I hope you can check that out and have fun reading it if you have a free time :)

  23. KatrinTuaño

    Awesome shortss.. Awesome outfit. Awesome everything :) sadly, i dont know anyone who has the same initials as i do :( KT. Hmm pwede bang KT perry? Lol haha corny but i hope you smiled hahaha :)) hope to see you again :) i promise, i’ll give you some gummy worms ❤❤

  24. Sephie Rojas

    The trimmings on your shorts are just so adorable! :D My mom also makes those proud, smug “I should be handed an award for this yknow, mwahahaha!” kind of face when she hands me things that’d look good on me, haha! Achievement daw :P How lucky are you that your initials are already on a famous brand? Unless there’s a famous store with the initials S.R. I don’t think I’ll find anything like that yet, har har!

    • itscamilleco

      SNR? Haha! Pwede na yun! :) Just kidding :) Thanks Sephie!

  25. Angel Salumbides

    You’re really an inspiration to me, I love everything in this photo Ms. CC.
    I can definitely understand that you have late blog post. xo! :) :*

  26. Vina Guerrero

    im so happy im the first one to see this post! hahaha! click your blog link after you post your look on LB! i really admire you cams! see you at BU5 :) hope to have a picture with you again :)

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