Fancy Pants

jasmine BBS 9 x 40

It’s the BIG BIG Summer Sale at SM Mall of Asia (MOA) once again! Just in time for all of you who are gearing up for their summer trips. Sigh… don’t you just love MOA sales? I’ve been attending them for quite some time now and I must say, I never go home empty-handed. I just couldn’t resist all the wonderful bargains–everything from beauty brands to apparel down to electronics! Of course, I’m sure you all know the brands I go gaga over the most–anything and everything related to fashion. I always look forward to shopping at MOA’s fashion brands like Tomato, Bayo, Zara, Mango, Warehouse, Apple & Eve, Lacoste and so much more. I’m wearing items from these brands now! I just wish I bought them at the sale. Oh well, maybe you can!


The top I’m wearing here is actually the same as the one Jasmine is wearing on the poster above. I bought this from Bayo in preparation for my trip to the beach. I loved its fabric, cut and the way it falls so much, I actually bought it in navy blue as well. It’s the perfect beach cover up!


But just because it’s a great beach cover-up doesn’t mean you can only use it at the beach. A big reason why I love this top so much is because I can still use it for other occasions as well. It’s very versatile. Casual shopping days, lazy Sundays, work days, events–you name it!


To jazz my outfit up a bit (not by just a bit, a whole lot actually), instead of my normal black trousers, I went for these shiny sequinned pants I got from Zara. I feel very Michael Jackson-esque in these pants. They make me want to bust out the iconic Michael Jackson pose. LOL! But my better judgement got the best of me and so I decided to stick to my usual poses and spare myself the embarrassment. Haha!


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Zara pants (brand available at SM Mall of Asia)


Kikay Matters necklace 


SM Accessories long black/gold necklace (brand available at SM Mall of AsiaThrifted long gold necklace


Bayo top (brand available at SM Mall of Asia) | SM Accessories earrings (brand available at SM Mall of Asia)


Forever 21 studded bracelet (brand available at SM Mall of Asia) H&M tag bracelet 


(left to right) The Lyra Shoppe, Forever 21 and H&M rings


Mango heels (brand available at SM Mall of Asia)


Oh, lucky you. There’s a chance you might get these items on sale. Oh well, I’ll just scout for other bargains at the sale to make myself feel better. LOL! See you there, okay? Don’t miss out! The SM Mall Of Asia BIG BIG Summer Sale is happening this April 19-21. Selected items from participating brands will be on sale for up to 70% off! GAH!

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79 Responses to “Fancy Pants”
  1. Josh M.

    I never thought that sequined pants and long-sleeved top would actually look “presko”. Hehe… Nice combination!

  2. jhay-cee

    Thats so fancy pants. super like it. and the blouse too. :)


  3. Gift Princess Buhman

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but do you have a closet tour / clothing organization video or photos? :) You have so many brands, I was just wondering how you organize them! I especially love your layering of your jewelry. :) Keep up the good work and always be preeeeeeeeeetttty! Hurray for Filipina pride.

    • itscamilleco

      Not yet but I’ll do that next time! :) Thanks gift princess!

  4. ajoy

    hi camille… you look great in your pants.. hope i’ll see personally and have a memorable photo with you:)

  5. Danna Cuba

    I love how your pants fit you perfectly!! I sometimes find it hard to find a good pair of pants that fit me quite well.. What do you think I should do? Should I buy them and have them altered instead? :( Thank you so much, Camille!! :)

  6. Molly

    Simply elegant. I love the whole outfit :) can’t wait for the MOA Summer Sale. And I hope to see you there :)

  7. Trisha

    WOAH! Cool pants! HAHA Sparkly stuff are always sooooo pretty! XD

  8. Christine Koay

    How I wish I was in The Philippines now with my mum.. sigh.. shopping with her in her hometown would be fun!! Is there any chance to meet you if I’m there? Just asking.. =D
    I love how this outfit look so good together, Ms Camille! Everything matches so perfectly!! and that is indeed one fancy pants!

  9. Vanna

    Where are you going Ms. Camille? Really want to meet you, and shop with you as well! :))

  10. Anaivilo

    Fancy pants indeed! I looove the glitter and the way you wear those accessories that match the pants perfectly! :D

  11. Colt Nava

    Whoa that is a super fancy pants! Even though the pants is super extreme but you styled it so mellow so it doesn’t scream “Hey! I’m wearing a sequined pants! Look at me people!” I love how it still looks so bagay kahit the sun is still out, because these kind of pants are normally worn at night but you made it look “normal” during day time :)

  12. elaine g.

    since we do not have SM Mall of Asia here in CdO, I am definitely going to SM Cagayan instead because they also have a 3-day sale which is the same date as MOA :P

  13. athena

    hi miss camille! reading your blog always leaves a smile to my face. you’re so funny and you really connect with your readers. as in you sound and seem real. gets? haha! anyway omg MOA SALE!!! :)))

    • itscamilleco

      Thank you Athena! :) Light blogging lang para everyone’s happy! :)

  14. beatrice gases

    mainit ba talaga yung tela na ganyan? kasi i only have 2 na ganyan yung tela kasi my mom always tells me pagnagshoshopping kami “mainit yang tela na yan” sayang gusto ko pa naman yung mga ganyan kasi bagsak yung tela . and in case your wondering, yung 2 ko na ganyan yung tela di ko pa nasusuot ever since binili ko

  15. Cesslee Parojinog

    hello Ms. Camille! you really look great with that fancy pants. I love your top and accesories. stay pretty! :)

  16. Ren

    Sequins are great statement pieces and the pants made your legs more emphasized that made it sexy! ;)

  17. vitawulans

    hi camile. you look fabolous here. and you always stunning.i’m your fans from bali :D
    by the way, i made a story board about you .tommorow i will share on twitter and instagram, hope you like it xx

    • itscamilleco

      OMG Bali! I really want to go there some day! :) Thank you in advance Vitawulans!

  18. Tasha D.

    MJ pose? as in the crotch grab? chos. haha! BTW this is the 1st time na naging obvious yung veins mo sa paa! Do you apply lotion on your feet? Anong brand ginagamit mo?

    • itscamilleco

      Yes! :) That pose! Not in particular but I just use whatever body lotion I’m using :)

  19. Sephie Rojas

    I can already hear my mom say “Gusto ko yang blouse na yan! Maganda ang bagsak niya.” when she sees that, hahaha! Bayo has an absolutely a-maz-ing summer collection this year! I have to say, when I dropped by their store in Shang, I was so torn between choosing among all their bikinis! If I could get them all, I will! In every color too, haha! :P In the end, I got the striped bikini Jasmine’s wearing in the photo above :) Although Mom preferred the striped aqua version of it instead :P

    • itscamilleco

      I have the aqua version :) I agree! Their summer collection is really nice! :)

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