Hot Off The Press

Well not really. I haven’t been diligent when it comes to collecting features and editorials I’ve been part of (especially the ones abroad *tear*). And the ones that I’ve managed to pick up however, I’m only able to share with you now. But, as the saying goes, better late than never, so here are a few of the features that I’ve been lucky enough to be included in.


A short interview on Asian Dragon’s September – October 2012 issue.


A style challenge on a budget that I took on for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s November 2012 issue.


LOOK Magazine’s “It” girl for February – March 2013 issue.


Styled myself in head-to-toe Forever 21 for Forever 21’s special magazine.


Featured here as one of Elle Girl’s brand ambassadors.


A short feature and interview about Manila’s style bloggers for Metro Magazine’s June 2013 issue.


Here’s a blown up version of the tiny tiny photo below our group shot. Since this wasn’t credited on the magazine, for those wondering, I’m wearing a Jot Losa creation paired with Brian Atwood heels, F21 necklace and custom-made diamond pearl earrings.

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Thank you for making all these possible, my dear dear readers! These are all because of you. I promise to be more diligent with collecting these things in the future so that I can share more with you and we can celebrate together!

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  1. Christine Koay

    How I wish i can collect each copy that you’re featured in.. I have to say I’m proud of you, Ms Camille! though i’ve been reading your blog since last year.. i can see that you, Tricia, Kryz, Laureen and Patricia really represent The Philippines.. though mostly i read your blog and Tricia’s blog.. and also Kryz’s blog occasionally.. haha.. keep it up and I wish you all the best!! <3 <3

      • Christine Koay

        Aww.. you’re welcome, Ms Camille! (Blushing) LOL.. you’re such an inspiration! I got hooked after i read your first post last year.. though i don’t remember which one.. all thanks to Chictopia.. =)

  2. Goo

    i am writing from Mongolia,
    My friend who lives in Germany found your blog to me, Cause she said my face same like your some of photos..
    so i started to read your blog. its very nice for me. Like your blog so muchh..
    congrats, :-) wish you all the best.. :-))

  3. Marife


    Can you tell me where can i find the post of the look in picture 2?

    • Camille Co

      Gosh, these are so old already. I’m so sorry! You can search for “mega” and “gold dot” on my search bar to your right :) They’ll probably come up! :)

  4. Dianne

    wow! :D natawa naman ako dun sa camera part :)) nkasarado pala. still maganda!

  5. Katkat

    Hi.. Just wondering why you didn’t include the preview mag where you, tricia and laureen were the cover?

    • Camille Co

      I blogged about it! :) You can try typing “Preview” on my search bar, the post will come up :)

  6. Dhes Borja teary eyed with all your exposure..haha it might be OA in a sense pero I dont really know din to myself why ee..hope to see you on TV too haha ..

  7. Angeli

    I am proud to say that I have read most of these spreads… haha! :) I literally fan girl every time I find you in one spread… Like my hands shake from excitement and I can’t help but let out squeals once I find you. Yesterday, I saw the “sartorial sisters” spread in PREVIEW magazine and I just literally can’t contain my excitement that everyone around me was shooting weird looks. haha! Sorry if I creeped you out! It’s just that you’re my idol. :)

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Awww thank you Angeli! You’ll never creep me out! :)

  8. Yanshi

    Woow!! Congratulations!!!! You deserve all the features naman, more more pa dapat! hihi :) I know, it’s not easy to update your blog everyday and take outfit shots, because you’re very busy. But because you love what you do and you love us (as much as we love you yihiii <3 ) , you always make sure we have something to read. Esp readers like me, who checks your blog everyday. I read other blogs too, but not everyday, yung sayo lang hihi :) So, continue inspiring us coz we appreciate everything :) Thank you!! More power and God bless! <3

  9. maebs

    awesome :) you deserve to have that feature because your very kind to all. :) sana po cover issue naman.:)

  10. judy

    All is great and all hyped up! I’m a great fan of yours ’til forever :) Haven’t you blogged about your outfit for LOOK Magazine’s “It” girl for February – March 2013 issue?

  11. Molly

    aww sad Preview is not included in the copies you have. If you want I could give you a soft copy (like the cover u did with laureen and tricia)? heheh :p

  12. Angelic Robles

    CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so proud to be a fan of yours. Your blog is my daily dose of style updates and trends, and it is a joy to look through your adventures whether here in the Philippines or abroad!

    Thank you for all the time, effort, and patience you take to share your fashion thoughts with the world. I always see from the way you light up in your photos that you absolutely love what you’re doing. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiration!

    P.S.: Can’t wait to see you in more features! I have this feeling you’ve got a whole lot more ahead of you! I’ll always be one of your avid supporters.

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Angelic! I’m really happy you guys appreciate this little something that I do :)

  13. Valerie

    WOW! Just WOW! Haha so amazing and happy for you Camille! Keep it up! I really do hope to meet u soon!

  14. Lourine

    Hope you can be more diligent so you can show your (future) kids someday your accomplishments! Just a super advance thinking. Why not? Hehe. Anyways, you deserve all of that ate Camille :-)

  15. Nory Anne Carpio

    “Do what you Love, Love what you do.”
    The saying on the frame caught my eye (well, aside from your dress of course. hehe). So true. :)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you! Magaling kasi si Paolo Pineda, our photographer for the shoot. He shot our Preview cover also :)

  16. Joy

    I bought the Metro June 2013 issue because of you and other featured bloggers that i used to follow :) Hope to get an autographed from you guys.. :)

  17. jhay-cee

    Congrats Miss Cams. Next, you will be the magazine cover na. solo. hehe.

  18. Lukie Chu

    what magazine is this ate Cams? :) i want ONE :((huhuhuhu. anyways, i love your white dress hihihi you look like a princess, but MODERN PRINCESS :D

  19. Ren

    You are really one sophisticated lass and always look stunning in anything you wear! ;)

  20. Colt Nava

    Congratulations Camille! You deserve all the success :) I will always support you <3

  21. Riva Shane

    Hi Ms. Camille, I am always glad to see you featured in a magazine, I like how you style (it’s realistic kase eh :p).

  22. Jocelyn Morales

    Atsi Camille,when are you Visiting SJ again?:) hoping to see you soon!:D

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