I have a new tiger print shirt to add to my collection! This time, the tiger has a hometown and it’s Philly. It’s still angry as ever though. Or maybe it’s just fierce? LOL!


I wore this outfit to a day full of errands. I had no meetings so I went for something super casual and comfortable. I couldn’t be bothered to wear heels so I opted for my favorite Crocs espadrilles to go with my laidback outfit. I mean, if it’s comfort you want, might as well go all the way, right?


Even when it came down to my bag, I still opted for an easy backpack instead of my usual handbags. This one is special though. I’ve been lusting over it since forever! It was my one and only goal when I went to Hong Kong last July. I’m so in love with it I’m still smiling as I type this. That’s true love, people. True, untainted love. LOL!


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Pull & Bear jeans


Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow


Count The Sheep muscle tee


Chanel backpack


SM Accessories charcoal gray bracelet, black/silver bracelet and ring (right hand)


Crocs espadrilles


P.S. To those of you are attending my DIY talk at Goody’s Come Play event this Saturday, please bring lots of old t-shirts and fabric scissors so that you can easily follow my demos. See you!

87 Responses to “Philly”
  1. Tracy

    Hi Crush! Waa. When i see your blog hindi ko mapigilan mapatulala. You’re the one of my girl’s crushes. (shy) and ofcourse you’re my idol. I really love your top. So cute. I want to see you in person. (Kailan kaya yun) :) Keep inspiring many girls on your blog. :)

  2. Nickole

    your outfit is nice…. ^-^ it looks so comfortable… ^-^
    Question ko lang po…. how did you make the yellow shoes compliment your outfit…?

  3. Gladys

    aaahhhh!!! how could you pull-off colored jeans perfectly?? Feeling ko kasi seasonal lang nauuso ang mga ganyan. At andami kong nakakasalamuha na ang weird tingnan kapag naka colored jeans. Tapos ang top colored at colored din ang sapatos. Hala! Naglalakad na candy.
    Or perhaps it’s the color of the pants?

    • Camille Co

      Hahaha! Never thought of them as naglalakad na candy! You’re so funny! :) I don’t think they’re seasonal. Ako talaga, if it looks good, no such thing as out of trend :)

  4. Christine Koay

    Another cool casual look! Love this look, Ms Camille! and i agree with you that if it’s about comfort, should go all the way! and the Chanel bag pack is love!!! I never thought that bag pack can be so chic! My mum would go crazy if she saw it! LOL..

  5. Jell

    Hi Camille,

    I really love your style!!! I adore you so much not only because you are a very pretty girl with a very good taste in fashion, I aodre you also because you are such a down to earth person :) keep inspiring others ♥ God Bless!

  6. Trish

    perfectly orchestrated medley of colors!!the highlight is the bag! :) you’re the only blog my mom checks because of your covetable collection of bags and shoes! more power to you! :)

  7. Philip

    Wow Camille.
    Any other woman wearing pink jeans would probably not enjoy the benefit of doubt.
    When you wear pink jeans however….: mindblowing.
    I love it & I love you.

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Thank you Philip! I’m sure a lot of girls can pull these off. :) Maybe not the guys though LOL!

  8. Reena

    I looooove this outfit Cams!!! inspired naman akong magexercise! hahaha… I wish I can attend your Goody event. I’m soooo georgraphically challenged! hahaha… Sana may tutorial ka dito sa blog on how to upcycle old stuff. Pretty please with cherries on top???

  9. jhellie

    Hi Cams,

    Excited to see you this sat :) question lang, may nakalagay kc dun na “resgiter onsite for freebies” pano pala yun?

    Also, may chance ba na binebenta mo yung mga old clothes mo? :) ang gaganda kc sobra! hihi! :)

    • Camille Co

      It means you just have to register when you get there :) As for my clothes, yes! At the Bloggers United Bazaar :)

  10. Yanshi

    Cool outfit idol! :))) Love the top and the comfy shoes :)) Camille jjang!! ^^

  11. Angelic Robles

    Hi, Miss Camille! Allow me to first tell you that I wore colored denim of the same hue as your pair in this outfit post. I wore them on the same day this blog entry is dated. I truly learn a lot from you when it comes to choosing hues for different fabrics.

    Anyway, I do love the combination your jeans made with the new tiger top you’re wearing. It is indeed a fierce piece of comfortable fashion. I like how its hem has levels: short in front and loose in the back. Your choice of mixing in those yellow Crocs espadrilles is brilliant!

    I admire how nothing in your ensemble matches when it comes to color hues. Even though this outfit is one for casual days, I still say you made a statement and dared to be different. Way to go!

    Drooling over your backpack, by the way. I thought it was a bucket bag at first, but I saw how the straps branched out. The midline zipper placement is so cool!

  12. Ruki

    “Camille Co’s blog is the reason why I wake up each day.” :)
    Just a random thought, what made you decide on buying the Chanel Backpack in brown/tan and not in any other color?
    And, like what Tasha D. always says, huwag niyo pong ilalagay sa sahig yung bag niyooooo! Mahal iyaaaan! Chanel iyaaaaan! :))

    • Camille Co

      Hahahaha hindi naman nakalagay sa floor yan, mukha lang :) I wanted the black color sana but it wasn’t available already. They had the green, purple and red left but I wanted something I can easily mix and match so this one seemed to be the best choice :)

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