Class Of 2013


Varsity jackets, don’t they remind you of the good old high school days? I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but sometimes, I wish I was back in school. No need to worry about all the problems and stress that adulthood brings. All I have to worry about are my grades, competitions and petty little fights. Funny how life works, doesn’t it? When you’re young, you think of how awesome adulthood would be. No more teachers and principals. No more final exams. You keep wishing you can fast forward your way into becoming independent so that you can just relax whenever you want to. Oh to be young and clueless. LOL! Not that I’m not enjoying myself now. Don’t get me wrong, being an adult has its perks–but admit it, life was so much simpler then. Agree? 

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She Inside varsity jacket Miss Selfridge blouse ZARA shorts Alexander McQueen clutch Mango wedges

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  1. Christine Koay

    I feel you on this, Ms Camille.. I do hope that i’m still in high school sometimes.. nothing to worry about and it’s nice to be with friends.. things are simpler back then.. but we have to grow up and be independent eventually.. I love your look here.. so sporty chic.. love your jacket and also your skirt..

  2. Diva In Me

    I would have to agree that when we were younger, life is definitely much simpler. Well, I guess grass is always greener on the other side =)
    You look good in this varsity jacket =)

  3. Reena

    Haaay nako… *starts singing Aqua* If only I could tuuuuuurn baaaaack time!!! If I had the wisdom that I have right now when I was in highschool/college, I would have chosen the right career that I wanted. lol… I super miss highschool na… :(

    Love this look… esp the Zara shorts. Classy take on the varsity jacket. Nakaka umay na ang jacket and jeans combo. lol

    Shucks! I graduated highschool last 2003… just realized na 10 years have passed na pala… hahahaha

  4. Steph Sison

    Habang tinititigan lalong gumaganda.. la-la-la-la.. what else can i say? Kahit anong isuot bagay talaga e.. :)

  5. Shiela

    Yeah. How I wish I could turn back time! But when I was in high school, I wished to advance my life!

    The ironies of life:

    Teenagers: Have energy, have time, but not money
    Adult: Have money, have energy, but no time
    Oldies: Have time, have money but no energy


  6. Angel Salumbides

    I definitely agree with these “When you’re young, you think of how awesome adulthood would be. No more teachers and principals. No more final exams. You keep wishing you can fast forward your way into becoming independent so that you can just relax whenever you want to.” And I really love your blouse. Btw, Who took your photos? You always have a good angle. You are so pretty.

  7. Stephanie

    Omg! I love your skorts and blouse! What Zara branch did you bought your Zara Skort? I believe they don’t have much available for sale here in Manila? Did you order it in US Zara online store?

  8. maebs

    Cool outfit. so lovely. I agree on what you said ate Cams, right now I wish I’m a highschool student, easy-easy lang unlike ngayon sobrang stress ng mga subject. :( btw, your title reminds me of VSfashionshow 2013. Did you watch it already?

  9. Ren

    Sporty chic! I love watching those clean white wedges, parang ayaw kong maputikan o maapakan man lang at pagkat ako ang nakaapak nito sa’yo, ewan ko nalang anong gagawin ko. ;)

  10. Christian

    yeah so true memories of college and high school life is treasure :)

    nice dyed hair its perfect with the varsity jacket look so great.

  11. Janielle

    OMG you are so pretty :”) and I admire you kasi you connect with your readers like answering their tweets or anything and it’s a good thing. Hope to have a chance to meet you someday! Fan girl here! :) God bless with what you are doing right now and keep it up :”>

  12. denisevhianca

    I really love how you combine clothes! You look different here, love the hair! :)

  13. Abigail Jovita

    Personally, I think that you look so much better as a red head Camille!
    It suits you so well :D

  14. Jeramie Ramos

    I agree with you when you said life is easier back then.. Kakamiss ang buhay high school.. Miss Camille, I have a favor. Can you please feature on How to Dress for the age of 30? I’m 30 years old and well, a mother too. I just want to be presentable and at the same time comfortable.. Thank you..

    • Camille Co

      Ohhh maybe when I reach 30? But you know, you can still dress the way I do. Like nice midi skirts, cigarette pants, and pencil skirts :)

  15. Lourine

    Agree! Life is much simpler back then. Though I’m not yet an adult (getting there), I can already feel the changes.

  16. Tasha D.

    I LOOOOVE! Sana sa ganitong paraan lagi sinusuot ang Varsity Jackets at hindi sa jeje kind of way. I’ve seen Varsity Jackets worn with tattered vajayjay shorts and I’m like… sumusuka na deep inside pero nilunok ko na lang. haha!

  17. Sephie Rojas

    Now that I’m almost done with college, I kinda miss being in high school again. I don’t wanna work yet, I don’t wanna grow old yet, I don’t wanna have to face bills and taxes yet (lol, yun talaga sa lahat). #PeterPanSyndrome But maybe as I grow older I’ll learn to face them head on :))

  18. Mitch Meralpis

    Reminds me to enjoy and cherish my last term in college. Hoping to graduate next year! :D Anyhow, I’m preparing myself for that “problems and stress that adulthood brings” you say. Haha! I loved your varsity jacket! ♥


    Always amusing Ms. Camille! So sporty ang damit yet you make it look na pa-girl! :)

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