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The holidays have already passed. Sooner than later, we’ll say goodbye to the cold weather we’ve been enjoying these past few months and give the warm summer sun a big fat welcome. Before you know it, it’s time to schedule summer activities once again. Keep those boots in your closets and bring out your flipflops!

I’m not talking about those tacky or bulky flipflops by the way. Those, you can keep in your closets together with your boots. Better yet, throw them out. Flipflops are meant to be casual and comfortable but they don’t have to look ugly. My choice? Slim-fitting footwear in beautiful colors and material like those by Elements.

Drawing inspiration from colors found in nature–from warm earthy tones, to vibrant summer shades, to cool water hues, Elements has a color to suit every mood and personality. Since the brand makes use of only the finest leather from Brazil, each pair promises all-day comfort. Elements is founded on the philosophy that people are “in their element” when they look good and feel good. People are able to feel good about themselves when they are comfortable with the way they look and can express themselves through what they wear. Everyone deserves to be “in their element”–and Elements helps make that happen.

So, do you want to be in your element? Get a chance to win a pair of ELEMENTS flipflops for yourself and your mom/sister/friend! All you have to do are the following:

1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin’. If you don’t have these accounts, it’s easy to make one!
2. Like Elements Philippines on Facebook and follow Elements them on Instagram (@ElementsPhilippines) and/or Twitter (@Elements_PH). If you don’t have an Instagram account, Twitter and Facebook will do.
3. Like the photo below on @ElementsPhilippines’ Instagram page and repost it with this caption: “I want to win a pair of (insert your color of choice) #Elements slippers! If I win, (insert your friend/sister/mother’s @account) gets a pair too! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways #ElementsPhilippines.
*** If you don’t have an IG account, you can skip step #4.
4. Post the same caption on your Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to tag the right Elements Philippines accounts. If you didn’t do step #4, post the photo on these channels as well.
5. Leave a comment below with your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter names.

Three winners will be chosen  for this giveaway–one each from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This means you can enter thrice. This contest is open to Philippine residents only. Deadline for entries is on January 30, 2014 at 11:59PM. I will be choosing the winners via and announcing them here at the comments section below. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be asked to choose between US sizes 5-8. The color of your prize will then be based on the color that you state in your status (subject to availability). Elements Philippines will also be contacting you regarding the color of choice and size of your friend/sister/mother whom you tagged.

Elements is available at selected Shoe Salon branches. Prices start at P1895.

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  1. Camille Co

    Congratulations to the following:
    Emma Smith
    Aegeane Brioso
    Elinor Semira

    Sent you guys a DM over on Twitter :)

  2. Aida Villanueva

    Facebook Name: Aidz Villanueva
    Twitter Username: @slither1004
    Instagram: slither1004

  3. dionne

    I forgot to leave a commment

    Facebook:Dionne dc trinanes teves

  4. Mariza Rimando

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  5. Anna Althea Abainza

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  6. Tina Elaine

    Facebook: Tina Elaine Mendoza Resuello
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  7. Melanie Esponilla

    Tweeted. Posted on FB and Instagram! I hope me and my niece wins! :)

  8. Camille Quiambao

    twitter: @cgquiambao
    facebook: camille quiambao
    instagram: @cgquiambao

  9. Roneth Jubay

    Hi Ms. Cams
    May you continue blogging…
    I super like you!!

    Facebook: Roneth Jubay
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  10. Facebook: Roneth Jubay Twitter:@itsmeyabuj Instagram:@itsmeyabuj

    Hi Ms.Ca

    i really love your blog ..Keep posted …
    God Bless

  11. Wilma Divine Gil Dimailig

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  12. Bernadette Zareno-Balino

    FB: Bernadette Zareno-Balino
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  13. Maxine

    Your blog is awesome! I love it. Here’s my entry:

    Facebook: Maxine Chan
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    Thank you! :)

  14. Aegeane Brioso

    FB: Aegeane Colmenar Brioso
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  15. Nybel savillo

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  16. Emma Smith

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  17. Kyna Wee

    tooo cute! i hope i win! :)

    Facebook: Kyna Wee
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    Twitter: @kayns07

  18. Mitch Meralpis

    I’m size 9 1/2. But I’m still hoping that size 8 would fit.
    But I hope I’ll win first! :) Hehe.

    Facebook: Mitch Meralpis (
    Twitter: @mitssimits (

    Btw, my email is subscribed to your blog but recently I haven’t received any updates. I just thought that you were not posting anything new :( Buti na lang I checked my bloglovin’ account! Hi Ms. Cams!♥

  19. Daenielle

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  26. Camille

    Facebook: mochafrappuccino
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    I want to win together with my sister bernadette

  27. Mayla Lagrimas

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  28. Marilyn Gomez Gomabo

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