Little Treasures

We live in a digital age where everything we want to keep, we save on our computers, hard drives, phones, cloud storage and so on and so forth. One of the many things we store in these modern day inventions are our photos. It’s so seldom that we see our photos printed out. I can’t even remember the last time I had my photos printed out except when I’m holding a Polaroid or Instax. And to think, I used to have so many photo albums (actual photo albums you can touch and hold) back in the day. I guess this is why whenever I feel sentimental, I still take them out and browse through them. It feels different holding them in my hands than just looking at them on my laptop or phone. Sort of like how Google can never compare to flipping through the pages of an actual encyclopedia. Whenever I open an encyclopedia, I feel like I’m opening the book from the Timeless Tales movies. You know that feeling? They’re like little treasures I get to keep in my box of memories. This is why I love these photo magnets I got from Stickygram. Through Stickygram, I get to print out my favorite photos from my virtual photo album a.k.a. Instagram and turn them into magnets like these. They come in a magnet sheet of 9 photos. You can use the 9 photo magnets separately or as one big magnet sheet. I use mine separately and stick them on my mood board in my atelier so that whenever I need a little push, I just look at these photos and I’m all set.

Stickygram delivers worldwide for free.

24 Responses to “Little Treasures”
  1. Christine Koay

    This is really cute.. And I agree with you about flipping through photo album and the same goes with books.. I haven’t touch my photo album in years.. It’s not the same as saving in our hard disk..

  2. Nelayish

    This post is soo timing, awhile ago I had a photo taken with my friends in a studio, and I really appreciated it in print rather than an Instagram post. :)

  3. Lydia

    Haha I totally understand the feeling you described about flipping through an actual book!

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  4. Jeramie

    Same here.. I still enjoy browsing thru photographs on the album. Lalo na yung mga pictures nung kabataan ko..nakakamiss maging bata..

  5. GQT

    Your photos are very memorable for you, because they record your growth trajectory.

    When using the camera records the moment we live or work becomes eternal. As time goes these photos will be our memories,also documented our experience.

    Digital era brings the convenience of our lives, in their leisure life, opened old pictures that you will feel very warm. When we were in a bad mood, the photos will resolve your sadness. This is the reason why we say that the mood of these photos is to resolve agent。

  6. Kim

    Wow. This is the cutest. Kaso medyo mahal. Haha #EstudyanteProblems Thanks for sharing Ms. Camille. I really love your blog much as I love you. :)

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