One Skirt, Two Looks (Look #1)

When I first got this skirt from Romwe, I fell in love with it completely. It’s just so puffy and feminine, it makes me want to twirl and skip around a garden full of daisies and roses and sing along with birds and squirrels. (Yes, I am a Disney princess. I’ve been keeping this a secret for so long. Now, you know.) I can’t quite explain what the material of this skirt is. I’ve never worked with this kind of fabric as a designer, although I wish I have. It has a life of it’s own! Try as you might to squish it flat and it still stays in shape! The fabric is thick yet soft and light as a feather. It kinda feels I’m wearing really really thin cushion actually. I’d even joke to my friend that I’m wearing a comforter as a skirt. LOL!

I really like it though. I like it so much I couldn’t decide what to wear with it! I had too many options! It’s a good problem so I’m not complaining. Originally, I wanted to show you 3 looks. But because I have so many pending blog posts already, I cut them down to 2. This first look is for those of you who are into the 3 Cs–clean, classy and chic. Nothing says this better than a crisp white blouse and stiletto pumps. I think it’s quite appropriate for the daytime event I was attending, the Christening of my second godchild. (Gosh, I’m getting old!) What do you think? I’ll post the 2nd look tomorrow.

Vintage gold earrings from Vietnam (similar here) | SM Accessories necklace and thick bracelet | Episode blouse Romwe skirt | Saint Laurent clutch Christian Louboutin heels

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  1. Christine Koay

    This is such a gorgeous skirt, Ms Camille! You are so classy with this look! And I already knew you were a Disney Princess, just like me.. Hahahaha.. I would do the same too if I was wearing this skirt.. Is there a name for this material? It can be wash, right?

  2. Dan Yun

    Wow.. I’ve seen this skirt before from Anastasia Siantar blog and both of you looks beautiful with this skirt. I’ve bought this skirt in Bangkok, but sadly its just a replica :(
    I think it will be okay, haha.. I’m going to mix and match it like what you did.. :D

  3. Star

    Your style reminds me of what Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) used to wear in Sex and the City series! I love it! Super ganda mo Ms Cams! :)

  4. Eliana

    Where did you take your outfit shots Ms. Camille? What resto is this? (:

  5. Kalea

    Love this outfit! This is a new location. Where is this located in the metro if in the metro? (: x

  6. Peewee

    Ninang Camille! Second one. You’re in the right age range. I’m on my third one and I’m only 20

  7. Andrea

    I fell in love with your look, Camille! It fits you perfectly :D :D :D

  8. Aimee

    Why can’t I view your photos? Whaaaahahaaaayyy??!!! <<saying this with feelings T_T
    I can view your photos from previous photos though.
    Darn company restrictions!

  9. GQTan

    Your blog is really a beautiful garden in my heart, I feel beautiful princess in my eyes.
    See your dress and style feels you spent elaborate to dress up and make me feel gorgeous and beautiful. Especially the stiletto pumps very classy. I like it very much…..

  10. Dawn

    You look so classy but never boring with this look, I love that u wore that gold belt too, everything is just sooo perfect! Mind if I ask if you have any upcoming event before this month ends, I really wanna see you in person, that’s my goal this 2014, I swear!

  11. maebs

    I’ve seen that skirt on your post and I fell in love with your skirt also. it’s so beautiful that you just want to twirl and twirl it all day. :) it is just your age that change but your physical appearance doesn’t change. in fact, you’re getting younger and younger. (#proudofyourage) :) btw, you look like a Disney princess :)

  12. Drika Sousa

    Sempre sensacional! Você é tão encantadora, a saia é linda demais, o visual ficou perfeito minha querida!
    Bju Bju

  13. Tasha D.

    nakakaloka sa linaw at laki yung mga photos mo! buti na lang flawless ang skin mo from head to toe kaya dedma sa chismis! btw, titang-Tita nga ang outfit mong ‘to! I can imagine when you age na and reach your mid-30’s, mapapadalas na ang mga outfit na ganito. Lakas maka-Female empowerment! haha!

    • Camille Co

      Haha! Thanks Tasha! Tao lang naman so kung may chismis, accepted! :) LOL! Looking forward to wearing more of these in my 30s! :)

  14. Jeramie

    Definitely the kind of outfit to wear to church. Conservative. Looks great in you, by the way.

  15. Jeramie

    Love it.I’m going to add this look to my not so big closet.. perfect for sunday mass. Dapat naman talaga ganito ang suot kapag nagsisimba or aattend ng binyag. Disente. Hindi agaw-atensyon.

  16. Naaj

    Wow, it is a statement skirt and it definitely takes the spotlight. The colours are gorgeous, like a fire blaze and the peek-a-boo effect of the necklace adds a glam touch to the overall look.

    Off to Romwe to do some browsing LOL

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Naaj! Don’t do too much damage to your wallet haha! :)

  17. Ren

    Para ngang comforter ang skirt na ito sa picture pa lang. What more in person? This skirt is really beautiful and I’ve seen a lot of international bloggers wearing this as well. It looks good on you too! Age lang yata ang nagbago sayo, pero ang physical at inner you is very young. We’re quite similar, I love disney too! ;)

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