Little Red Romper

When I first got this little red romper, I didn’t know how I’d be able to wear it out. You see, it drapes really low in front. It looked fabulous on the model on OMG Fashion’s website (which is why I got it) but then I realized one crucial difference between me and the model–she actually has boobs. CRYYYYY. I can always wear a bandeau underneath it but to me, that style makes me look like a girl trying to look like a grownup. You know what I mean? It totally takes away the sexiness of the design.

So what’s my remedy? I wore a flirty lace corset instead! But to make it look less like a nightie-inspired outfit, I got my trusty old fedora and Berca Shoe Store boots out. They’re the perfect accessories for that effortlessly casual chic look. Now, I get to pretend I’m indie again. I’m just too cool to care.

Cotton On fedora hat (similar here and here) | Topshop corset | OMG Fashion romper | Pretty Little Blings paperplane necklace | Romwe cigar rings SM Accessories cuffs Furla bag | Berca Shoe Store boots

52 Responses to “Little Red Romper”
  1. Chantel :)

    love it!!! The entire outfit was so fabulous, you look like a Mango Model here… Love you Cam’s…:)

  2. freja

    maka pose naman talga sa megamall(BONGGA)
    I wish i had guts as much as urs
    question, do u really wear that oufit sa mall, or do you bring it with you

    • Camille Co

      HAHA! :) Yes I do :) I don’t change outfits, just shoes whenever I’m in super high heels so that I’m comfortable.

  3. Erika

    Love this outfit so much!!! It’s great how you wore a nice lace-print corset underneath the romper. Just the right kind of sexy! :) And your shoes are love!!

    *I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I’ve had one of my debut dresses designed by you! I’ve just started blogging too, thanks to you and other inspiring Filipina bloggers :) Will blog about my 18th birthday soon hihi

    ♥ Erika from STYLE AND SUNDRY (

  4. Erika Rone

    Love the corset! Sooooo flirty yet so girly!! :)))) plus super nice boots. :))) super like!

  5. Kaye Alid

    OMG SO PRETTTTYYYYY!!! You’re a total fashion genius talaga ate cams!!! *claps* THAT’S WHAT FASHION IS ABOUT! *cries with you* :((( hahaha,Love the idea that you layered it with a lace corset!!! :)))) SO FANCEEEEHHHH! Love the boots! Love the fedora!! Love your look!!!

  6. Ericka Garcia

    Love the way you put a twist to that romper, Ms. Camille! :)

    Ericka Garcia

  7. KimClaire

    It actually looked like it’s a part of the romper. Cute :)

  8. Katrin Tuano

    I knew that you’d think of something smart! After reading the first line of you having a dilemma on how to wear the romper, I was like, “Oh, she’s smart, she knows how to play with fashion. Camille Co yan eh” Hahaha I like what you did there! Super smart. Haha Hello Indie Cams!

  9. Anne

    Aaaah! Red suits you so much Cams! Way back elementary and high school I was really chubby and I had those frontal babies. ahem boobs. LOL! But when I lost some weight which isn’t really much though, they kinda died away too. Sigh. At least I’d know what to do when I don’t feel like a bandeau works. Thanks Cams! Your styling works magic! *insert pixie dust sound effects* ^_^

  10. KATHE

    i love YOU camille , you are an inspiring lady that i wish i could meet one day !!
    i’m also studding fashion design and love your talent!!
    i want to have a successful career just like your|
    please give me an advice …♥

    • Camille Co

      Aww thanks Kathe! :) Just always work hard on improving your skills. DOn’t be afraid to take risks. Calculated risks :)

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Cielo! Made do with what my momma gave me LOL :)

  11. Elsie Valdez

    Lalo kang pumuti sa red romper Ms. Cams. Beautiful indeed!

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