Last month, I flew to Cebu for the Cebu In The Bag event arranged by the Cebu Chamber of Commerce And Industry. Since the 3-day event was held in Mactan, I made sure to make the most out of the seaside–even if it’s just taking the sea breeze in, walking on the sand and dipping my toes in the water. For a girl who lives in cosmopolitan Manila, moments and places like this are cherished.

Oh Cebu, you beautiful wonderland you.

SM Accessories hat and bracelets Stradivarius top | She Inside shorts Zara heels

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  1. Chantel :)

    I like the entire outfit, very fresh like your face… Mwahhhh….. ;)

  2. Gala


    Yes, diwata ang dating mo sa puti :)

    Ms. CAms, pls share how you pack stuff for trips like these :) Also, curious .. with all your stuff — how do you keep them organized at home?? :)

    Been w8ng for a blog like that :)

    • Camille Co

      LOL! Diwata! :) My stuff are not organized at home haha! :) Anyway, when I travel, I make sure to pack clothes that match just 1 or 2 bags and shoes para I don’t have to bring so many different pairs of shoes and bags. Make sure to transfer your toiletries to smaller bottles too!

  3. Clariss

    You look like a goddess everytime you wear white ❤️ Camille co+white=perfection

  4. Angela

    I though what you were wearing was a terno!! I was shocked. Hahahaha. Love your outfit. You really do look good in white! Hope to see you in person real soon!!

  5. maebs

    two different brands but when you styled it, it looks like they are match made in heaven! haha. ang ganda ng details sa shorts. love your heels ate cams. :)

  6. Kaye Alid

    fiiiiiirst of all, I love the backgrounds sooo soo much! HAHAHA it’s so breath taking!! :)))))) cebu is really the best! :))) Love the oufit it is so nice!!! thumbs up! :)) love the accessories ate cams and you’re so PRETTTTTTTTEEEEEH :)

  7. Ohms

    wow such a beautiful tops and shorts, i never expect it was from different store. they was just made for each other..:)

  8. Lovelight

    So comfty outfit Ms Cams:). Pwede na this weekend getaway sa beach. Just curious po, who took ur outfitshots when ur out of town po? Tnks:)

  9. EldenThunder

    It feels like summer again! The overall white outfit is a perfect blank slate in the beautiful seas of Cebu in the background :) XOXO

  10. julie ann

    hi miss camille, i’m from Cebu, glad that you like staying here:))

  11. Ericka Garcia

    Love your beach outfit Ms. Camille! I’m sure you enjoy you enjoy your stay here in Cebu! :)

    Ericka Garcia

  12. Camilla

    I found your blog through lookbook and I’m so happy I did, it is amazing!!! Can’t wait to keep checking in :)

    If you get the chance I would love for you to check out my blog :)


  13. Katrin Tuano

    Wow, that seaside is so nice. Like can we have seasides like that here in Manila? :( It’s so picturesque and I think if I were a legit fashion blogger, I’ll never get tired taking my outfit photos there. Haha oh and btw, the last picture made me smile. It’s not every outfit post you smile with teeth, it made you more beautiful :)

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