A Day at The Palace

Here come my Berlin travel diaries! Are you ready? Although technically, these photos weren’t taken in Berlin but in a city that’s located just an hour or so away from it called Potsdam. My sister and I went on a day trip to this beautiful city primarily because we wanted to explore its palaces that put Disney castles to shame. Of course, I made sure to dress accordingly. Prior to visiting Potsdam’s most famous palaces, Schloss Sanssouci (Sanssouci Palace) and Neues Palais (New Palace), I did a little research and found out that these palaces were heavily influenced by baroque and rococo design elements, both of which make use of rich colors and over-the-top decor. To make sure I don’t clash with these elements, I went for a classic all-white ensemble with subtle details that suit the palaces’ whimsical appeal. I got my sheer top with floral patchwork to match the palaces’ floral theme and a bias-cut skirt–just because flowy midi skirts make me feel like a princess. A girl’s gotta be ready to twirl her way around empty ballrooms and hallways, right? (I think I may have watched too many Disney movies.)

Tomorrow, I’ll show you the palaces in detail. This is just part of Neues Palais’ facade.

Chanel earrings | H&M necklaces Details top and skirt Prada bag | Anarchy Street rings and cuffs/bracelets | SnH Fashion flats

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  1. Maica

    You indeed looked like a princess with your attire! You’re so beautiful! Your skin looks so radiant with whatever angle I look to your face. I love your white skirt and top!

  2. Lourine

    Sabi ko babasahin ko na lang kung ano yung latest blog post mo, then I realized the travel posts that I will be missing. Then no, back read. Habol. Haha.

  3. maebs

    promise, I super love your photos and your outfit. princess indeed. :)

  4. Ohms

    Love the 7th photo Cams! It’s kinda ANTM’s pose! ehehe galing ng Achi mo!I love how you dress up that didn’t clash to the background. I am very much excited to your upcoming Berlin post.:)

  5. Katrin Tuano

    I will keep in mind to research the place I’m going to visit first before packing my stuff. Haha It really amazes me on how you match your style to your background. It’s like your background is part of the whole outfit. Maybe next time you should credit the background too. LOL joke Haha Can’t wait for the other Berlin posts!! :D

  6. Cliffhangersblog

    I’ll forgive you for skipping Berlin on this day ’cause you’ve already put so much thoughts onto your outfit and I’m simply impressed. I’ve never considered matching my outfits to the surroundings. Anyway, cute outfit! You look like a ballet princess in one of those photos.

    Greetings from Berlin


    P.S.: I’ve featured you in one of my articles: https://cliffhangersblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/why-everyone-you-should-own-a-pair-of-gladiator-sandals/

    • Camille Co

      Thank you! :) And for the feature as well. Don’t worry, lots of Berlin posts are coming next! :)

  7. Anne

    Lovely photos Cams! My favorite would have to be the 7th photo with the whole facade of the building behind you and you were kind of flying/tiptoeing effortlessly. Did your Achi take all your pictures? They’re really good. :) I also like the idea about researching places before you travel so your outfit does not clash with the colors and design elements. It makes the travel photos more beautiful! I’ll keep this tip in mind Cams. Thanks!


  8. Kay

    So pretty Camille!!! I mean your outfit :)) I’m very excited particularly with this place when I saw your IG post! The palaces are beautiful!!! Just like in Barcelona, you should have dress like a princess there too ;)

    PS what’s the brand and color of your bandeau? :)

    • Camille Co

      I wish I could but because I was traveling such a long distance, I made sure to wear something comfortable :) Thank you Kay! The bandeau is from Wacoal :)

  9. Dilek

    Wow you look stunning! I know you gave a preview to this outfit a while back, and back then I had thought that you were wearing a dress. I love the top so much, and yes, midi skirts do tend to make one feel like a princess. I guess I have also watched too many Disney movies. ^^

  10. Louise

    Wow, such amazing photos!! Absolutely astounding, makes me wanna go so much. Thanks for rubbing it in :)

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