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Don’t you just wish someone can do your shopping for you? I know, I know. Shopping isn’t really a chore, so it’s nowhere near taxing. But there must be days when you feel lazy to shop, right? When you feel like you just don’t have the time, patience nor energy to browse through so much stuff? And then you realize you still need a new outfit to wear to that party so you power through it like the gladiator shopper that you are but end up missing the best items anyway because you’re in no mood to shop. This is where personalized shopping comes in. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the concept. A personal shopper chooses and even styles items for you. Think fairy godmother for shopping. It’s nothing new. A lot of stores actually offer this service already. But how about online personalized shopping with a twist?

Introducing one of Singapore’s leading online fashion stores for women, Her Velvet Vase. It’s responsible for putting together this beautiful outfit I’m wearing based on my preference. All I had to do was go on, click on HVV Mood and purchased a Mood Box. If you’re wondering what an HVV Mood Box is, it’s a box that contains an outfit specially curated by Her Velvet Vase’ team of experts based on your mood, color preference, style, occasion and more. Cool right?

It’s super simple to make one. Just choose the type of subscription you want and customize your box by answering a few questions. The form you see above is part of the actual form I sent. I had no clue what Her Velvet Vase was sending me so it felt a little exciting waiting for my Mood Box to arrive.

When it finally arrived, I quickly opened my box and found all these goodies inside. I almost thought it was Christmas morning already! I got a leather jacket, a cropped top, a printed skirt, a metallic bag, a statement necklace, beauty products from Benefit and Philosophy, a cute strawberry measuring tape, a Benefit calendar, and Her Velvet Vase notebook and pens. That’s SGD100 (approximately USD80) worth of items for just SGD70 (approximately USD 60)! If I got the 6 months subscription instead of 3, then I would’ve gotten all these for just SGD60 (approximately USD 48)! Aside from being able to choose between 2 subscription options, you’re also free to choose among boxes worth SGD85 to SGD150. Shopping never felt easier!

If you’re not really into surprised and simply want to shop Her Velvet Vase’ other designs and items, you can get 10% off by using my code “HVVXCAMILLE10OFF” upon checkout (because I love you like that and I’m a staunch supporter of easy-peasy shopping). Her Velvet Vase is also offering flat rate shipping via DHL to the Philippines at SGD 25 and guaranteed refund if the parcel is lost in transit. These special promotions are available until the end of September so hurry!

Her Velvet Vase top, skirt and bag SM Accessories earrings Miu Miu heels

45 Responses to “Personalized Just For Me”
  1. ajoy

    its been a year since i visit your site… but i was surprise you look much younger now. i always see you in pantene commercials your so lovely :)

  2. maebs

    amazing! ang cool ng service nila. hindi ka na mahihirapan sa pag pili ng mga damit and stuffs. it is easy as 1-3. :) I already tried to shop online. I’ve overcome my fear in online shopping. :)

  3. Yy

    The box they curated is fantastic. It’s v worth for sgd 70. For potential customers here who have not shopped wf hvv, they always bring in v romantic, feminine, street chic n classy pieces which will rarely go out of style. They have lots of bomber jackets n work jackets w r made of quality materials! I have worn their items for few years and they look as good as new I swear! Try hervelvetvase, you will not regret. Pls I’m a shopper frm sg:)

  4. Katrin Tuano

    Online shopping is very convenient indeed most especially if you have your own personal shopper ahaha but how will you make sure that it fits you well and it has a good quality? This is why I am hesitant with online shopping :(

  5. Rocel Dana Alulod

    I love surprises! maybe I should also sign up to that :) love the skirt!

  6. Lei Cruz

    Hi Camille! Did DHL deliver the package at your doorstep or did you have to claim it in the Post Office? Did you pay for customs tax?

  7. Ericka Garcia

    That online shopping website is quiet interesting! Love the skirt! :)

    Ericka Garcia

  8. Kaye Alid

    Wait prang same din kauo ni ate kryz??? Am I right? But yours is a top and bottom set :))) Love there kind of service!!!! :))))

  9. savil

    Hi! I’ve been hearing a lot about Her velvet vase lately, but your box of goodies (and how exquisite it looks on you) was the one that inspired me to try a Mood Box. Unfortunately, I’m getting a “Warning: Discount code does not exist or is not valid.” when I try your promo code. Does the code not work on Mood box orders? Thanks

    • Camille Co

      It’s supposed to! Did you type it correctly? Let me double check with them again :)

  10. Marie

    Wow they are really good. Hey, i really wanted to shop on online websites but i don’t know how maybe you could shed light to some of my queries. Were the goods you buy online delivered to your doorsteps or you had to pick them in the customs? Thanks!

  11. Anne

    Oooh. So these are like the mystery boxes I’ve been seeing from UK and US based bloggers and YouTubers. But I must say it looks better because even with the element of surprise you still have some say on what might be in the box. So cool Cams! All the goodies you got were pretty! I particularly love the skirt but that leather jacket looks so biker chic! :)

  12. Clariss

    Wow! That’s just amazing! Anyone would really feel excited to see their box coz you dont know what’s in it

  13. Jasmine Gagarin

    wow ate cams! im loving all of it!p.s you really love gold! =)

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