Back On Campus

Hello from the beautiful campus of San Beda College! This is why I love doing projects for the youth. I get to visit different campuses and meet bright young students. This is my first time in San Beda College actually, so I’m glad I got to see it for the second leg of Freshgear’s Fashion Face-Off. Since I know that San Beda College requires its students to wear uniforms, I made sure to dress conservatively so that no  professor or dean would judge me. You see, even as an adult, the teacher’s pet in me is still very much alive. Clearly, I’m no misfit. (Sorry to disappoint you, James Dean.)

Because Manila’s weather can get very very hot, I didn’t want to wear any tight-fitting jeans that day. Good thing Freshgear doesn’t only have denim jeans but other options as well, like this light cotton pants (which, by the way, are available in plenty of colors). I love that they fit kinda loose on me so it gives a bit of an androgynous appeal despite its feminine color. What do you think?

Chanel earrings SM Accessories necklaces | From Thailand top Freshgear pants Givenchy bag Nicholas Kirkwood heels

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  1. solchoi

    hi i just let me know
    what’s your bag size?
    small or medium??
    pls reply me thanks:)

  2. solchoi

    hi you are so pretty!
    may i ask you something??
    what’s your bag’s size?
    small or medium
    just let me know~
    thanks :)

  3. Jona De Guzman

    It is so sad that i wasn’t informed about you going to San Beda. Please come back soon!!!

  4. Ericka Garcia

    I will look for that pants at the Department store soon. I love the pants! :) I think your Givenchy is the chicest Givenchy bag I saw! :D

    Ericka Garcia

  5. Monique

    Olá amei seu look, sou brasileira e encontrei seu Blog no Look Book, gostei do seu estilo.

  6. Gladys

    OMG! I missed you blog! I missed it so so much. I took a long hiatus from visiting your blog Miss because of stuffs and visiting back had be tears. Like, legit tears. I never thought I had missed ur blog this much.

    You’re still as pretty as ever! Gosh! And yeah,I could never pull off that loose pants like you do. I mean, Miss! You’re every bit elegant. (I feel like I am super fangirling over you.)

    I love the background fountain. It looks old and the surrounding trees makes it look like you’re in an old movie setting. It’s nostalgic. :D

    • Camille Co

      Tissue to wipe your tears! LOL! Thank you Gladys! I feel the love. Glad you’re back!

  7. Reena

    Ahh James Dean! Kahit na matagal na syang patay, crush ko pa rin sya. hehe… I loved his performance on East of Eden. Pero kahit ano pa ka grabe ang appeal ng bad boys, iba pa rin ang mga husband materials! hahaha…

    Anyhoooo… ahhh. Super duper duuuuper gorgeous and outfit! I have a pair of pants na ganyan din ang cut. I was actually wondering kung paano ko sya i style and then lo and behold – I saw your post! haha Thank you!!!

    P.S. Will def get me some Freshgear pants!!!

  8. Katrin Tuano

    Don’t worry cams, even if you’re already an adult, you still look like a college student anyway. Haha honestly, if I didn’t knew that Beda requires to wear uniforms, you’d seriously fit in. Haha Love the pants! You styled it amazingly! :D

  9. anne-marie

    “la classe”as we say in French
    I like the color of your pants
    and your bracelets are beautiful

  10. Lourine

    I was suppose to tell a friend about you in San Beda kaso in different campus pala siya. Anyhoo, did a little search about James Dean. Na-curious. Haha. A bad boy image?

  11. Clariss

    I really love the color combination! I love your top too bad you got it in thailand pa :( i have pants like those but in color blue :))))

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