Ready For Bali

What are my travel essentials? I seem to get this question a lot. I know I’ve promised a blog post about this before but since I can’t find the time to write it, I figured I’ll just give you a few tips here and there while you wait. If you remember, I’ve recommended a few travel musts in my previous blog posts like small containers for toiletries, luggage organizers, clothes that come in similar color palettes, at least 2 comfortable shoes to alternate and more. Today, I’m adding scarves to that list. I’m not talking about the kind you wear when it’s freezing cold. I prefer thin circle scarves or infinity shawls like the one I’m wearing below. They come in really handy when you travel, especially when you’re on your way to the airport and you’re going to a destination like Bali (yes that travel series is up next). The day I was flying to Bali, I had a cropped top on so I wanted to wear something that can act as both a cover-up and a blanket when I get to the plane. Flights can get really uncomfortable and we all know what a good blanket can do to relieve us of this. I’m sure those huge square and rectangle scarves can do the trick as well but what makes circle shawls better is that they’re hassle-free (which is key when you travel). It’s so easy to just wear them around your neck or your shoulders as compared to square and rectangle scarves that keep unraveling and falling off your shoulders when done wrong. And then eventually, they’ll probably get caught in something or you’ll accidentally step on them while you’re in hurry. Plus, circle shawls are no-brainers. Anyone can style them in multiple ways–as scarves, cover-ups, tops, dresses, skirts, headdresses and so on and so forth. They’re perfect for a place like Bali that’s famous for not only beaches but temples as well. Need a cover-up after a swim? Check! Need a cover-up before heading to the temple? Check! Items that work for multiple occasions are essential. This is one of the most important things one must consider when you travel.

Chanel sunnies | Chanel earringsTopshop cropped top and pants | I.M. Presa circle shawl | Louis Vuitton vintage bag Chanel leather espadrilles 

28 Responses to “Ready For Bali”
  1. Ericka Garcia

    I agree a lighter scarf or a shawl serves us a lot of purpose when we travel. :) Also I can use a scarf to hide my bulging tummy when I wear a cropped top haha I love your LV bag! :D

    Ericka Garcia

  2. Christelle Malit

    WOOOOW! HOT! Love everything about this ate cams! and you are rocking that cropped top! :) <3

  3. Rocel Dana Alulod

    So sexy! I wish I also had a chance to wear crop tops like you do! :)

  4. Katrin

    Long time to comment, been pretty busy and looking this photo makes me a little embarrassed about my tummy hahaha when will I ever have to guts to wear a crop top like how you wear it here? Lol #ProjectFit na talaga ako haha

  5. maebs

    you look like a supermodel walking on the airport and paparazzi keeps on taking your airport outfit. :)

  6. Clariss

    Ohmygahd! Bali breakup curse? Havent heard of it hahaha. I take back what i said po ate cams, if you’ll have a bf in the future, dont bring him na po haha.

  7. Reena

    I sometimes tie the ends of my scarves. lol… You look soooooooo good here! Pang paparazzi airport shot lang!

  8. Clariss

    so sexy ate cams! :))) When you go back to Bali you should bring your boyfriend hahahahaha I heard it’s a perfect place for couples :)

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