The Stylish #NewBreed

What makes me part of the #NewBreed? This was a question thrown at me a few days back. It’s a pretty hard question to answer because the “#NewBreed” can be interpreted in various ways. I choose to see it as being part of a group of people who are passionate and dynamic–people who are not afraid to dance to their own beat and who know what they want. You don’t have to be eccentric to be part of the #NewBreed. You just have to be exciting–because you, and only you, set the standards. It doesn’t have to be anything big. It can be as simple as wearing what you want to wear, for example. You make the choice for yourself and don’t second-guess yourself because of what other people think is acceptable and cool. Take my cropped top and baggy jeans. A lot of you often asked me if I get stares whenever I wear an outfit like this out. Do I get conscious? Honestly, sometimes I do. But at the end of the day, it’s what I want to wear and it’s how I want to express myself. It all comes down to MY choice. And this should always be the case, not just in fashion, but in everything you do. Whether it’s your work, travel or food, make your own choices.

I want to be fashionable so I put effort in how I dress. I want to travel the world so I work hard and save up. I want to be healthy so I work out and eat right. Don’t you worry, I don’t starve myself. I still enjoy the food I crave for. I just go for better quality like Highlands Corned Beef. It’s the premium breed of corned beef with a rich taste that’s made possible by Angus beef, no artificial flavor and less sodium. You see, as I’ve said, it always comes down to your choices. All your goals and dreams, all of it, depends on you.

Topshop top and jeans 3.1 Phillip Lim bag Gorjana “v” necklace | SM Accessories long necklace Native boots

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  1. solenn :)

    park shin ye? hawig kayo ms. camille. pretty! u hav gud taste in fashion. simple but elegant :)

  2. Rachel Ibañez

    Hi! Ms. Skinny:) I really envy your body and beauty.Inspired a lot by your words every time I visit your blog. Hope to see you more on Project Runway!!!

  3. veron bandillo

    wahhhh. Those boyfriend jeans are so pretty amazing. Suits you well.Huhuhuh
    I think my dream to be a blogger will remain as a dream :( But I really admire yoou ate :)

  4. Juliet

    I envy your tummy! I think I can never go out in a crop top :( My tummy gets so bloated after a meal. How do you deal with that when you wear a crop top? :(

  5. Katrin Tuano

    Very well said! (insert clapping hands emoji 3x) No wonder you inspire so many people! Your words just hit us. Truly amazing, and you’re right! It’s all about the choices we make and we make choices that will make us happy, not choices that would make other people happy. Love the outfit (insert smiley with heart eyes, raising hands in praise emoji) no one can pull a crop top and baggy jeans like you do. Swear, I think you should take the stares as a compliment hahahah :)) Lol I also love the little commercial you did there.

  6. Dilek

    I know that as readers we only see what you choose to show us, but I always love what you do end up showing us. I know the feeling of loving an outfit while in front of the mirror and feeling self conscious when walking outside and when being stared at. If a beautiful woman like you feels the same way and yet you try to do as you please, then it’s a great inspiration to the rest of us. <3 <3 <3

  7. armyn

    so beautiful ate camille love your charming smile hihi :) how do you maintain your flat belly? im skinny but i dont have a flat belly like yours T.T

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Yuhjiun! But it’s slowly fading away LOL! Gotta work out again soon :)

  8. Clariss

    wonderful words from you again ate cams <3 *insert clapping hands emoji* Ohmg highlands corned beef is super delicious! my fave hehe! I also have the same feels, like I get conscious when people stare at me but in the end I would always think that I can dress the way I want it's a free country after all haha

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