Soul Surf

I heard so many good things about last year’s Soul Surf that when I got invited to the event this year, I knew I shouldn’t miss out. It’s an annual event held at La Union where local and international music acts come together for 3 days and 2 nights. People from all over the country flock to the well-loved surf spot of the north to have fun under the sun, dance to the music and party from sunset to sunrise. It was a great crowd–one that sure knows how to have a good time. Everyone was in such a merrymaking mood that even if it rained on us on our last night and the remaining acts were unfortunately cancelled, the party still continued at Kahuna Resort. I wish I can show you more photos of the shows and the said impromptu party but I think I might’ve had too much fun blogger Camille just went out the window. Hopefully, these beautiful sunset photos (plus a few party photos) will suffice. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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28 Responses to “Soul Surf”
  1. Nicole Wonka

    Oh my god. Those abs..ok, gonna work out now while the motivation lasts.

  2. Katrin Tuano

    These pictures are absolutely amazing. Gosh, you’re so sexy and ahh you’re smiling with teethh *kiligss* haha why are there no photos of you surfing? :(

  3. Jacky

    I hope you enjoyed soul surf! <3 You should try surfing too hihi. I love your photos! May I know what camera and lens you used for these pictures? :)

  4. Clariss

    That fifth photo! *insert heart eyes emoji* looks so fun!!! You really can party well ate cams haha! Omg is that your boyfriend ate cams?!? Haha

    • Camille Co

      No haha! That is Seanyyy! :) Our super good friend :) Always part of blogger besties

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