Here I go again with my never ending race against the sun. I was on the makeup chair, getting prepped for the Style Ko Ayos Dito event when I realized it’s 5PM already and I have yet to take my outfit shots. In a mad dash to beat the sunset, I took these photos halfway through hair and makeup–hence the 1/4 curled + 3/4 straight hairstyle and yet to be blended makeup. You see, I didn’t want this outfit to go undocumented. It’s the perfect mix of androgynous and feminine styles featuring new additions to my closet that I absolutely adore, namely my oversized jacket from Modekungen that oozes with cool, my little lace dress from She Inside that’s effortlessly sexy and my androgynous monk shoes from Miista that’s more than sartorial-worthy. It’s safe to say I’ve never felt this much love for all the components of a single outfit in a long time.

Modekungen leather jacket She Inside lace dress | Chanel bag | Miista shoes

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  1. clara_banana21

    Wow. It has been how many years but I really love your style. How I wish I’ve seen your blog on 2014. Great photos and awesome outfits. Love the hair so much and your makeup isn’t the usual that I’ve seen on instagram. I love everything about this blog. All the love and happiness to you Unicorn Queen. Stay strong with your jowa.

    xoxo… clara_banana21 💕💗💞

  2. clara_banana21

    I love your makeup here. It’s not the usual makeup na nakikita ko sa insta photos mo. Love it so much and that outfit is really perfect. kitang-kita ang pagka sexy mo.

    xoxo… clara_banana21 💓💕💞

    • Camille Co

      Yeah not my usual. I’m not used to this type of makeup anymore

  3. Angelie Niall Sanchez

    Super love this blog. So happy, grateful, and flattered that you took time to read my comment yesterday and for replying to my comment. I don’t know if you’ve still remember it. Love everything from your hair down to your heels. My sister and I love your your blog so much. I don’t know if you’ll be able to read this but I just wanna say that you really inspire me a lot. I love watching your YouTube videos and one of my favorite was about “Overcoming My Fears and Insecurities”. I learned from that video because I grow up thinking that I couldn’t do something that will make my parents proud and I’m really sensitive to what other people will think about me. But then I learned that I showed change the way I think. I always remember what you said on that video. As what I’ve said YOU really inspire me a lot. It is so funny to say this but I wanna be a blogger like you someday and I really enjoyed watching every video and looking every post and photo on your insta and blog. My comment is way too long, so sorry about that. But thank you for reading this comment from a simple girl, Angelie.

    • Camille Co

      Awww thank you Angelie! I’m glad the video inspired you even just a little bit. Always dream big and believe in yourself!

  4. Angelie Niall Sanchez

    I always love your fashion style. So gorgeous outfits and super amazing hairstyles. Slay! Love you so much Queen. Thanks for replying to my comment yesterday. I’m very glad you took time to read my comment. All the love.😍😍

  5. Raxelle

    I knew you were the right person/your blog to check out the best way to rock a leather jacket, and I really was right! Tho medyo mekatagalan na ang post na to but still this style is timeless..This just confirms what I had in mind, especially the combination of the jacket and the gorgeous shoes, which I have almost same as yours..thank you so much Camille, you truly are a great inspiration..you always have your own style, which always often perfect..so yeah, rock on! 😘😍👍🏻

  6. Mark U

    Whoa… this is quite an interesting look for you.

    Very grungy and yet still has that feminine and “Camille” approach to the classic rocker chic look.

    Oh and, Merry Christmas!! :)

  7. Lai

    Camille, sorry if this has been asked 103958829495 times already but I couldn’t find your FAQs :) what cameras (digital or dslr) do you use for taking ootds? :)

  8. Armyn

    love your dress and your fierce look (photo no
    1) haha xD. you’re such a goddess :’)

  9. Phil

    Wow! For once I’m lost for words, cause whatever I try to say will be completely inadequate to describe your pulchritude! The only word that comes close is “perfection”! :D Thanks for sharing Camille x

  10. Fatima

    That’s a very nice dress of yours, Ate Cams! You look so fierce ♥

    It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog and it feels so good to be back. Haha. I just have one question, what’s your size in Forever 21? I hoarded some of your stuff at BU8 and I was surprised that they fitted me. (Considering your height, I’m 4’11”, by the way). It’s been very nice to meet you. You are so charming yet elegant. Looking forward to BU9!

  11. Yanshi Brizuela

    Why hello there! :)

    Super love all the photos, but the 1st and last are my fave! <3 Your hair, make up and race-against-the-sun situation actually complemented your outfit :) Sexy, chic and edgy. Love it! <3

    Missed leaving comments, been a silent reader for quite awhile. :) Feels like coming back home hihi <3

  12. Anne

    Let me just point out how gorgeous you are in your “1/4 curled + 3/4 straight hairstyle and yet to be blended makeup”! How does one do that? You look like an edgy rock-star here. It suits you quite well and it’s a complete 360 from you’re usual girly girl and prim and proper outfits. I know you’ve done edgy and androgynous a couple of times but this looks like a whole new level. Keep on going Cams. You rock any ensemble!

    – Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles –

  13. Katrin Tuano

    I love how to matched feminine with androgynous here!! I love the dress, I’d totally wear this is a night out with friends! Also smokey makeup looks different in you but it’s a good different, you look so sophisticated and classy! Love the whole outfit plus the leather jacket pa! *arms raised in praise emoji*

  14. Kay

    Camille Rocks!!! I also love love your outfit!!! You’re like a vampire/sexy rock star hahaha! Also your shoes!!! I super want one too! Pretty as always :)


    Beautiful in last but one (penult) picture .
    The make up and the way you look produces a hypnotic / magical effect giving the idea of you communicate in silence or sending a thought . I hope have explained how i feel seeing these photos . I lived several minutes watching stopped . I forgot the time .
    Black mini dresses are a favorite of mine . This look is comparable to one of his first posts in april 5th , 2011 . I really liked it ! ! ! !

  16. Yana

    I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS LOOK!! You’re like a biker chic lady in lace with awesome shoes HAHAHAH i can’t even explain how much I love all those pieces!!! Good thing you didn’t miss out in blogging this. Pure awesomness haha <3 <3 <3

  17. Kyle Rodriguez

    So pretty! I love the lacework And I also remember how FREEZING it was at Raven hahaha. Did you change your lipstick before the actual event? Wasn’t it lightish nude-ish pinkish? (LOL what did I just say?!)

    Still waiting for you to sell your Chanel bags at Bloggers United haha :)))

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Kyle! The Chanel bags will be with me forever lol! And yes, i did change my lippie at the last minute :)

  18. Clariss

    Still can’t believe that I got to see this dress in person and up close! haha it’s so beautiful! :) I really love this look, it seems sexy and a bit manly because of those shoes and over-sized leather jacket! :)

    PS: my birthday’s tomorrow December 17 :) Can you please greet me on (@itsClariss_N) twitter :) it would make my birthday/christmas and new year great haha :) thank you! love lots ate cams :)

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