Red And Pink

Here’s a color combination I definitely recommend–red and pink. If you’re the type to shy away from styling bold colors together, you might want to give this a try as your first step. Unlike other bright and loud colors, pink and red don’t overpower each other because they come from the same color family. So in effect, they make your outfit look seamless and cohesive. No clashing of the divas, just pure sisterly love.

Oasap top | Oasap shorts | Marc Jacobs clutch bag | Sergio Rossi puzzle heels

46 Responses to “Red And Pink”
  1. Chantel :)

    I like the new color combination that you recommend, will defintely try this color combination.. Your so beautiful in this photos… Clap.Clap.Clap. :)

  2. Ericka Garcia

    OMG! I love the top and the shorts. I wonder if the pink and red combination suits my skin color. I’m morena kasi. :)

    Ericka Garcia

  3. Clariss

    The material used in your top is my fave haha! Idk what type of cloth it is tho :( But I really like how it looks and feels haha :) Love the shorts too! I’ll try this color combo too haha :)

  4. Selina

    I’m not a fan of the 2 colours together but the shade combination of burgundy and pale pink is the only one that works for me

  5. Chadeofchic

    Great article. I look forward to reading more in the future. If you are interested in my perspective on fashion check out my blog.

  6. Kay

    Pink and Red? Noted! I’ll definitely try this combo :) Good thing you’re using again your other beautiful heels! marami na nagtatampo sa kanila for sure hahaha! Also, I’m still hoping you will allow us, your dearest beautiful and sexy readers (nagbuhat ng sarili bangko?? hahaha), to have a sneak peek of your, for sure, walk-in closet! (^^,)

  7. Katrin Tuano

    This is one of a kind combination. Normally, people would stick to one bold color and pair it with white or black but you crossed that border. It’s amazing how red and pink totally compliments each other. And you’re right, nothing could go wrong with sister colors. Lol :)

  8. Angelic Robles

    You look like Mulan here, Miss Camille! Your top is like the chest part of Chinese armor. The fleur-de-lis on the front also has a great pattern. I was trying to spot a dragon’s face.( Hello, Mushu!) You’ve got your battle-face on in your third photo. A “bring it on!” expression. Such a fighting stance!

    The hues of red and pink you’ve got here do go together. Somehow, they always seem to clash when placed in one garment, but the curliques gave off a fade-into effect that got me to understand what you wrote about the seamlessness of both colors. I like how they stand out against the black. :-D

    My favorite piece here has to be your shorts. The small box pattern reminds me of pretty drafting paper and those intellectual arithmetic notebooks. The texture of the cloth is a wonderful gradient against the smooth black of your top. I also like the silhouette they form since they’re loose. :-D

    Your bag and your shoes remind me of pomelo fruit punch. I love how you made the colors of both pieces look like jewel tones instead of tropical. I hope the clutch also comes in red! :-D

    I’d give you a delicate green hair comb with a white magnolia blossom to complete the look. Way to go, Modern-Day Mulan!

    • Camille Co

      LOL! Modern-day Mulan! :) Can’t imagine her with funky hair. That’d be so cool though :)

      And I agree, red and pink may seem to clash but when they work, the work so well! :)

  9. Alecs

    Hi Ate Cam! I learned from your first few blog posts before that the color wheel can also help you learn more about color combinations and color blocking. The problem is I don’t know how to use it. Haha help!

  10. Mary Ann

    You can really carry any style Miss Camille! You can go all femme to fierce. Very versatile! And you give fashion advices too! Very helpful to a novice like me :)

  11. Thia Padilla

    I’ve never worn this combination… but in this outfit everything is perfect matched, I think I’ going to try fuscia and red together =D

  12. Regine Villanueva

    Hi po! You arw really expert when choosing your clothes to wear.. U know w hàt just like ypu and the uy sisters I want to become a famous fashion/style blogger and to become a fashion designer.someday I want to meet you and take a pic with you and the uy sisters..someday :)

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