Beachin’ at Guam

No visit to Guam would ever be complete without some fun under the sun. Although the hotel we’re staying in already has its own beach front (like most of the hotels and resorts here), we opted to escape the hustle and bustle of hotel row and travel a bit further to Coco Palm Garden Beach Resort instead. There are less people at this private beach so guests are able to enjoy the serene atmosphere more. Naturally, I made the most out of it and took hundreds of photos. Nature’s colors are just too beautiful to resist, don’t you agree?

Gucci sunglasses | Soak Swimwear maillot | Front Row Shop silk pants | Furla bagSnH Fashion sandals 

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  1. Kay

    One piece plus the bow at the back?!! I’ll definitely have one! hahaha! I hope I can see you more one piece this summer even if you already have that sexy abs! :P

  2. Katrin Tuano

    Love the colors! I never knew purple, green, and nude would go well together in an outfit without looking like a total eggplant! I guess, you just have to find out which shades to pair? Haha anyway, even you’re wearing a one piece swimsuit, you still look very sexy. And guess what? Haha I lost some pounds already yay!! HAHAHA #fitspiration :)

  3. Clariss

    I really envy your body! Mine won’t look like that even though I work out and do all sort of things haha short-girl probs :(

    So you took hundreds of photos? Let me guess you really had a hard time in choosing which to post here in your blog? haha :)

    • Camille Co

      Not so much naman! :) LOL! I took less photos so it was easier to choose :)

  4. Kim

    Hi Camille! Your photos always look stunning! May I ask what camera are you using?☺️

  5. Armyn

    is it hot in guam? haha i’ve never been there so i don’t know what’s the weather. ohhh! your last photo it’s superb amazing ;)

  6. maebs

    love your one piece. it is so beautiful. so simple in front but at the back it is a wow! :)

  7. Mariel Grace

    i loved how the cute bow tie was placed..hihi.. ;) as ever ka pa din po! kumain ka po ba this past holiday season?ahaha.. ;D

  8. Mary Ann

    I remembered! You posted the last photo, in your instagram and you said you tried your best to balance :D Haha. So sexy Miss Camille! :)

  9. Angelic Robles

    These shots have a very modern Arabian-Nights feel to them, Miss Camille. Those clear waters of the sea make for an oasis-like backdrop. My heart can only imagine the sunsets! :-D

    Great call on your swimsuit. The bows are very YOU, and the way it has neutral to dark color-blocking is flattering. I especially love the way the colors just pop when you paired the suit with your silk pants. I think it elongated your silhouette. The combination of skin-tone and deep purple is awesome on the swimsuit’s cut. The different angles of the swimwear you’ve shared here had me thinking that it’s a versatile piece because of the many looks one can put together. :-D It’s even a good contrast to your sandals.

    I really like your bag! I’m even digging out my own waterproof purse because of these Guam posts of yours. (In the photo of you with the bag against the backdrop of sand, I was reminded of how functional it was.) The jewel clasp is something out of the Scheherezade tales. Like the golden wink of a secret.

    I’m floored by how true your statements on Guam skies are. Even at the beach at that time of day, the skies are still mesmerizingly blue. The sea water and the sky form a really beautiful and natural blue gradient that’s so restful…

    … yet that didn’t stop me from putting background music to this post of yours! (insert cheeky grin) The colors of your entire outfit inspired plenty of exotic instrumentals! :-D

    • Camille Co

      Wait for my sunset post from Guam!!!! <3

      This maillot is indeed super versatile. I can already imagine so many cute outfits! I was actually hesitant to wear it at first because I thought it wouldn't suit me, but surprisingly it does. It has a really flattering cut! :)

      Thanks again Angelic!

  10. Urs E. Gattiker - DrKPI

    Dear Camille

    The blog is getting ever more interesting. But honestly, I am a bit jealous that you are hanging out at the beach whilst I am slaving away at the office :-)

    Enjoy your vacation.

  11. Ally Gong

    You look like a beautiful mermaid fashionista! Always love to see your beach photos, they are so calming and give off such transcendent vibes!
    -Ally Gong

    • Camille Co

      hank you Ally! I can’t take all the credit. Guam’s beaches are beautiful!

  12. Anne

    Cams I absolutely love your swimsuit. It fits you so well even (literally and figuratively). That bow is so you. I remember you mentioning how you love them so much. Every time I see bows I actually remember you. Imagine seeing presents all wrapped and ribboned up during the holidays. My head was going on “Camille-Camille-Camille”. LOL.

    – Anne’s Scribbles and Doodles –

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