Olive And Gold

Silk and leather make one hell of a sexy combination. Even though they’re total opposites when it comes to texture and the way they fall, it still makes perfect sense to wear them together. I guess it’s because nothing screams luxury more than these two. Put them in metallic hues and you’ve got yourself a winner! Usually, it’s a little tricky pairing metallic pieces together but because these are in subdued colors and come in different textures, they complement each other well. No risk of blinding passersby here, just understated elegance that’s easy on the eyes.

Chanel earrings SM Accessories necklace Topshop blouse Viparo leather skirt | Jimmy Choo bag Valentino heels

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  1. Ericka Garcia

    OMG. I so love this look! :-) A corporate look with a “young” twist. Because I noticed, some corporate looks make us look older but this one is an exception! Love the combination of cloth and colors.


    Ericka Garcia

  2. Katrin Tuaño

    Upon reading the texts above, I’m hearing (in my head) the Fashion Designer Camille. I mean, the way you describe the 2 fabrics are amazing. I love you how emphasize both their differences yet, you know how to balance them. Bravo!! I really am amazed on how you apply your Fashion Designer side to your blogger self. Hehe and I truly agree, this ensemble is really elegant and easy to the eyes

  3. Clariss

    You showed true elegance with this outfit! :) I think that I should stack up this kind of skirts or maybe not cause I’m small? haha :)

    Ate cams, do you know what style of clothes should I wear when I go to Vigan? The place has a very old feel so I think boho or vintage should go? but I really need your opinion? what do you think? :) Like which pieces of clothes :)) Thank yoooou!

    • Camille Co

      I’d probably go vintage too :) I’m so jealous! I’ve been wanting to go to Vigan as well :)

      This top is actually my sister’s, who stands 5’2″ only :)

  4. Mary Ann

    Elegance at its best and so effortless Miss Camille. No bulky and flashy accessories needed because the colors themselves speak sophistication.Hope I can also study fashion and fabrics soon. I’m interested in learning how to mix and match textures and colors. And thank you for sharing fashion tips Miss Camille! :)

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