Travel Diary: Abu Dhabi

Since I was staying for a week in Dubai, I thought I’d save an entire day to go out of the city and explore the capital of UAE–Abu Dhabi. I’ve always wanted to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (yes, the same mosque Rihanna infamously did an impromptu shoot at). So to make the most out of the close to 2 hour transit from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, I got a whole day private tour from Dubai Private tours, an agency I found online. I don’t usually give shout outs like this but our guide, Sameh (pronounced as Sammy), gave us such an amazing tour I just have to give him a special mention. Out of all the guides I tried during my stay, he’s definitely the best. He’s accommodating, well-versed in English, super friendly and extra nice. All my questions about UAE and its culture were answered. I felt like I knew so much about the country after our one-day tour with him. Frankly, I can go on and on about how awesome he is but it’ll make this post extra long which might just annoy you so I’ll move on to the actual tour instead (without Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which I’ll blog about separately.)

Move over leaning tower of Pisa, Abu Dhabi’s 160-meter Capital Gate building leans four-times more than the Italian structure that it’s now Guinness World Records’ furthest-leaning man-made tower’ in the world.

More skyscrapers at UAE! This was my view from Emirates Palace Hotel which you’ll see more of below. I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lot of buildings that have shiny and reflective facades like these. It kinda made me think if my Frency and Mercury sunnies are protecting my eyes from the sun or from these bright structures. Not that I’m complaining though. They’re beautiful…and so are my Frency and Mercury sunnies. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the hip brand, Frency and Mercury is an eyewear brand established around 2005, designed by Eque M. and handmade in Japan. Each pair is made from Japanese Acetate and Pure Titanium which makes them light as a feather but durable, perfect for trips and adventures. Their designs are always bold and trendy too.)

The Emirates Palace Hotel is an actual palace originally built for the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi so its architecture is truly Arabian in nature–grand and rich. (It’s the second most expensive hotel ever built.) Once you go inside, you’ll feel like the entire place is glistening in gold. Some parts are actually made of real gold!

Our last stop was Ferrari World, the Ferrari-themed amusement park located on Yas Island, beside this mall–Yas Mall.

It’s clever that they made the theme park indoors, considering how hot it can get in Abu Dhabi. Ferrari World is largest indoor theme park in the world and houses the world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa. Since I was with my mom on this tour, we opted out of the rides and just enjoyed the view. If I did ride the Formula Rossa though, I’m not so sure I would’ve survived it at all!

These are just some of the places and photo stops we had on the tour. For those of you who are interested to get the same tour, the entire intinerary goes like this: drive through Abu Dhabi Corniche, Break water picture stop, visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Heritage Village, drive through Presidential Palace, visit Emirates Palace Hotel, Yas Island- Formula one track and picture stop at Ferrari World.

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  1. suraj

    wow..!! stunning pictures and you also look awesome Abu Dhabi is my favourite destination i hope i’ll visit this year.
    Thanks for sharing your great blog it’s really very helpful for all travellers.

  2. Guddi

    Hey! Did the tour give you enough time at the mosque? Is it customizable? Because we’d like to skip the race track. Also, were there others with you or were they able to truly make it private?

    • Camille Co

      Yes it was very detailed! :) Since my tour was a private tour, we’re able to manage our time more :)

  3. we are leaving traces


    we loved your pictures: Very powerful and beautiful! The Grand Mosque is simply amazing! We only stayed in Abu Dhabi for a stop over, so just a couple of hours, but we also wrote down our experiences. I think a lot of people have just a couple of hours in Abu Dhabi – and it is definitely worth visiting this city. It is easy to get a visa and taxis are wuite cheap. Maybe you would also like to read our report :)

  4. Karin Altariq

    It is a very well written blog and a whole lot of information put together in one place. I highly appreciate those people who share some good information.Thanks for sharing. I am planning to visit Abu Dhbai this August. I’ve read a lot of blogs about the great destinations in Abu Dhbai. I know a local service provider Altdubai which helped my friend while he was on a tour to Dubai last month and I have already contacted to them for my tour also. Hope I will enjoy my trip to the fullest.

  5. Clariss

    wow the buildings and structures are more than awesome! and your outfit looks casual yet stylish just perfect for a day like this indeed :) oh btw ate cams, I’m back reading your blog haha and I might leave comments hope you dont get tired/annoyed of them hahaha

  6. Dahlia

    Hi, what camera lens do you usually use? I’m just really curious.

  7. Katrin Tuaño

    Love the outfit! Mejo Indiana Jones ang peg? Lol kidding. oh btw, have a safe flight to Japaan! Yay! Anyway, I never thought of Abu Dhabi this way. I know that Dubai is currently High Tech and modern with its architectures, well Abu Dhabi is much more. Just look at those skyscrapers!! Ganda!! I also love the fact that they were able to preserve their traditions and cultures despite the modernization. :)

  8. Yanshi Brizuela

    I never thought of going on a vacation or a tour in Abu Dhabi till I saw your pictures. Interesting place! And by the way, great outfit! Beautiful as always <3

  9. Judylyn

    Who takes your photo when you travel? :))) Dubai? Already added on my bucketlist. waaah.

  10. Bernice Balace

    I love your blog! ate camille, can you do a blogpost about your favorite tech stuff. like the laptop you use and cameras you use. i’m really i need of recommendations thank you

    • Camille Co

      Hi Bernice! :) I use Canon 5D mark iii and Sony A6000 :) My laptop is a macbook pro with retina display :)

  11. Kate Cheng

    Hi! I would like to ask if goong to balesin which is better to wear maxi skirt or mini skirt? I mean by home to balesin :)

    • Camille Co

      Not mini skirt because it might fly up when you walk towards the plane :)

  12. Mary Ann

    I love your ootd here Miss Camille, casual yet cool! I feel like i’ve known very little about Dubai and Abu Dhabi but thanks to your blog, i get to know that these amazing structures exist. Very mind blowing and I can really tell, they are very rich and ambitious :) It’s very enjoyable reading your blog compared to online magazines :D Continue showing us the world, Miss Camille! Ty!

  13. Dilek

    The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw your outfit was “hello Indiana Jones!” You look like a true traveler. That outfit is awesome! <3

  14. Brian

    You look as elegant as always ate Camille. Good vibes all the way!

  15. Ylenia

    Oh my gosh these photos are amazing, they just make me want to go to Abu Dhabi all the more!
    You look lovely by the way, I love the soft hued palette of your outfit :)
    Ambitieuse Paris

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