Draw Me In

Watching the sun set in a new city is like waiting for a sweet surprise. You’ll never know what’s in store for you but it’ll take your breath away anyway. It’s amazing how each city’s sunset is uniquely different from the other. This one is from the charming city of Bohol. It has a delicate pastel-colored sunset consisting of pink, blue and purple. Isn’t it a beauty? I can stare at it all day. Nature sure knows how to draw you in and make you fall in love with her, doesn’t she?

She Inside maxi dress Oysho bikini

36 Responses to “Draw Me In”
  1. maebs

    wow!got mesmerize with the beauty of that place and also your beauty. :) when I am on a vacation on our province I usually watch sunrise and sunset because the view is way beyond amazing. :)

  2. Jo

    The scenery is beautiful! The way the background is, your poses and the dress makes it seem as though you are a spirit!

  3. Gee

    Sunset is such a beauty, but you setting in it or using it as a background is way too much to take. Breathtaking view and a goddess in one (actually, many) picture.

  4. roe

    i really like your blog because its very organize and interesting..can i know what host did you use to create it?what platform do you recommend?

  5. Mary Ann

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in Bohol Miss Camille! I’m Boholana and proud of the white beaches in our place :) Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Bohol when you went there. If I was, I’ll really find you :D

  6. Janine

    Your photos are breathtaking as always Ms. Camille!!! Looking at the photos, I never thought this was shot in the Philippines, specifically Bohol! WOW, just WOW! <3

    • Camille Co

      I’ve never tried shopping for Oysho online so I’m not sure :)

  7. Divz

    Oh my God! Where in Bohol did you stay? #fanGirl #yourSoNearYetSoFar #cryingSoHardRightNow

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