Au Naturel

When you’re in the midst of nature, it’s nice to take inspiration from it. Strip down to the basics (not necessarily to your underwear LOL) and go au naturel. Opt for the no make-up look, disheveled hair and a simple and clean tunic like this. Trust me, you’ll feel and look more beautiful than if you have heaps of makeup, perfectly curled hair and fancy clothing on. Nature appreciates your natural beauty. Embrace it.

H&M necklace She Inside tunic Rupert Sanderson sandals

34 Responses to “Au Naturel”
  1. Eloisa Abella

    Those flaunting collarbones 😍 Love the natural look Miss Camille 😊

  2. Mary Ann

    You just look beautiful in everything Miss Camille! No matter how simple the outfits are, you always put a twist to make it look not too casual. And you are so good at posing! I imitate some but can’t do them smoothly :D

  3. Michelle

    You look so amazing , for your next shooting , we invite you to put some of our most beautiful DIAMONDS on your fingers , they will look so great on you !

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Anne! :) I just tied my hair on the side. No pins, no anything haha :)

  4. maebs

    super love your caption ate cams. :) with or without make up you look way beyond BEAUTIFUL :)

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