Brighter Than The Sun

Welcome to “How To Outshine The Sun 101”. I never thought it was possible but with this citrus yellow cover up from Dresscode Project, I definitely beat Mr. Sun. Just look at it! It’s the brightest little thing!

What a beauty though. I love how it seems to flow with the wind with its soft drapes dancing so gracefully. And when I turn around, it’s got the sexiest low cut back too. Now this is how you do beach chic. Simple, effortless and subtly sexy.

Nandel Paris earrings and cuff Dresscode Project dress/cover up | SHH Jewelry gold open ring with diamondMementoe handmade barefoot sandals

31 Responses to “Brighter Than The Sun”
  1. Gee

    Truly, you outshined Mr. Sunshine! I bet he’ll be shy to go out now ’cause you’ll beat him. Haha. Beach chic!

  2. Kate

    You look stunning! I’d prolly don’t want to be seen next to someone like that in the beach! If I may, I know you changed your camera to Mark III (which is really expensive! haha) but what lens do you usually use? Maybe that I can afford.

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Kate! I started with the cheapest 50mm f/1.8 lens then switched to 50mm f/1.4mm for this post. Now, I’m using 24-70mm f/2.8 :)

  3. Ericka Garcia

    I think the color yellow is the perfect color to wear on the beach! Love it! :)

    Ericka Garcia

  4. Mary Ann

    You are the ‘highlight’ of the summer Miss Camille! I bet you like the back drama of the dress :)

  5. maebs

    wow! every time I see your blog you keeps on getting sexier and sexier. :) love your dress.

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