My Travel Companion

Here’s my last #OOTD in Singapore to close my Resorts World Sentosa travel diaries. Don’t you worry though, I still have plenty of travel diaries lined up for you–from Barcelona, Paris, Vietnam, Bohol, Masbate and… Singapore (yes, again).

As I’ve said countless times before, travel is one of my greatest passions and I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to do it for both work and leisure. I know a lot of you love traveling as much as I do which is why I’m more than happy to share my experiences with you, as well as throw in a few travel tips here and there via my travel diaries. So as I close another series of travel diaries, I thought I’d give you one more travel tip: make the best out of your travel experience by knowing the best option to choose for your expenditures while abroad.

Okay, real talk. Personally, I don’t like bringing a lot of cash whenever I travel to well-developed countries. Plenty of establishments accept credit cards anyway so to minimize the risk of having tons of cold hard cash stolen (especially when traveling to Europe), I’d rather bring just enough cash with me and rely on my trusty credit card for the majority of my trip instead. But for this to work on your advantage, you’ve got to know which card will benefit you the most. I personally favor using my BPI Express Credit Card for my spendings abroad. It has the lowest foreign exchange conversion rate of only 1.75% among the top 8 surveyed banks of the Credit Card Association of the Philippines, while other banks charge up to as much as 3.525%. This way, for every USD 1,500 purchase for example, you get to save up to PHP 1,172 (when you shop til you drop, you’ve got to do your math). Just make sure you choose the currency of the foreign country you’re in when you’re making transactions abroad to automatically enjoy BPI’s lowest rates. So let’s say you’re in the USA, instead of choosing Philippine peso, go for US dollars.

Aside from this, you get free comprehensive travel insurance too when you charge your travel fares to your BPI Credit Card. BPI Express Credit Cards offer a more comprehensive travel insurance coverage from life, health and other travel inconveniences with competitive pricing versus other credit card companies. As much as we wish all travels go smoothly, you can never be too sure. BPI Express Credit Cards give complimentary protection from travel accidents, trip delays, trip cancellations, and other inconveniences. All cards qualified for travel insurance have the following covered at different amounts: from death and permanent disablement, medical reimbursement, lost or delayed baggage (I’ve been a victim of this a number of times), cancelled or delayed flights, personal liability, and even lost passports.

So to you travel bugs I say, travel smart. With acceptance anywhere in the world, I easily choose BPI Credit Card as my best travel companion.

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18 Responses to “My Travel Companion”
  1. Sara

    Hi Ate Camille, I’m just curious, how do you keep your body fit and healthy? What are your everyday routines? Like eating habits and everyday workouts..I would love to know 😊 Thanks! ❤️

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Sara! :) I don’t really have any eating habits. I do eat meals from Fit Food Manila and go to the gym every 2-3 times a week :)

  2. Zumi Yoshida

    Hello Ate Cams! How do you edit your photos on your blog? And please do share some blogging tips and tricks (dunno if you have a blog entry regarding that..hehe) especially on organizing stuffs (blog entries, photos etc) Thank you! More power to you and this super amazing blog!

    • Camille Co

      Oh that’s a cool idea! I’ll keep this in mind. I edit my photos on Photoshop :)

  3. Elizabeth T.

    That’s true – bringing only cash is risky because it can all be stolen D:
    But at the same time, what if our credit cards get stolen too? :(
    Camille, do you think you can do a post about some tips for traveling/being safe/avoiding pickpockets while abroad? I’d really appreciate it :) You have so much traveling experience! It’d be great to hear your advice! <3
    Thank you so much :)

    xo, elizabeth t.

    • Camille Co

      It’s easier to report stolen credit cards. Less risks as well. :) I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!

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