Theme Park Ready

The last time I went to Universal Studios Singapore, I remember having a tiny bit of a hard time because of the heat. As plenty of my friends know, I function better under cold weather than hot. (Their theory is that my skin is as thick as that of a cow’s.) If I can just walk around with a portable air conditioner set at 16 degrees beside me, I would. Believe me, I WOULD. But at the same time, I’m a lover of anything fun so it would be a shame to skip an entire day of exploring USS just because I’m melting faster than an ice cream left behind at a desert. This is why, for this media trip to USS, I came prepared. I wore as little clothing possible without going over what’s considered respectable and kept my hair tied neatly in a braid. Don’t be fooled by this simple get-up though. The process of choosing which cropped top to wear was a long one. LOL. I wanted a top that won’t stick to my back when I start melting. This strapless cutie was roomy enough so it became my weapon of choice. The result? I was able to enjoy USS and its rides even more while looking fresh as can be!

(Photos taken with Sony A7s camera.)

LP Clothing top American Apparel shorts Grafea bag Gorjana necklaces Daniel Wellington watch No Name sneakers

26 Responses to “Theme Park Ready”
  1. Marsha

    Hi Camille! I was wondering when you’ll be posting that atalier tour of yours? :)
    We nosy fans are praying to the high heavens to see your workspace!

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Elizabeth! :) I had fun as usual. I’m really a theme park kind of girl :)

  2. Liana

    your not alone I can feel you I can’t stand too much heat also. First I saw was the bag so cute!. I’m a huge fan of back pack haha. Love the cute outfit and the braid fits you so beautiful. I have my blog now but still under construction :)

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