70s Flare

Who would’ve thought I’d be rocking flared jeans once again? I remember after the unfortunate rise of the elephant pants and right before the coming of the skinny jeans, all my pants were bell-bottoms. I felt like such a cool kid back then, pairing them with anything and EVERYTHING. But then after some time, skinny jeans became all the rage so I started disposing of all my flared jeans. Oh fashion. You can never really make up your mind, can you? I guess I’ll keep these pants in my closet longer this time.

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  1. Jonathan Bautista

    Hi camille co!

    Last time I saw you in greenbelt5. Patricia and you walking in greenbelt. Your still the snapchat video haha… I want to meet you but you and Patricia are already go home 😭😭😭….

  2. Elizabeth T.

    Haha I know what you mean Camille! :P I remember having so many bell bottoms back in the day, but then the trend became all about skinny jeans, so it was out with the old and in with the new!
    After wearing skinny jeans, though, I have to say that I prefer them because they seem to make the legs look longer and leaner :) What do you think? :)
    You look so pretty, btw! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  3. Viviene Kok

    Thank goodness I have a pair of flare jeans kept in my closet. Never gotten rid of it solely because flared jeans are trendy-classic! Good that the ‘classic’ piece is back on ‘trend’. Confusuing. Anyways loving your look Camille and coincidently my pair of flared jeans from 5 years back is also from Mango :)

    Real Life Nerd // http://www.vivienekok.blogspot.com

    • Camille Co

      It’s cause the pants are short on me so they’re perfect for flats! :)

  4. Liana

    Hi camille! :) I love how you put back those flare jeans it’s so cute. I remember when skinny jeans became so popular I keep on wearing my elephant jeans cause I don’t like fitted jeans then my mom told me na wala ko sa uso. Now I get use to. Fashion change really fast but still I kept those elephant jeans in case fashion world will turn around again :D

  5. Karen

    I love that flares are coming back! I bought every pair I could find in the thrift stores, but they’ve long since gone to rag heaven. Just waiting for them to show up in the stores!

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