VLOG: Basic Core Workout

Here it is! My first blog post on my workout routine. A lot of you always ask me how I get in shape so I figured, why not show you? Admittedly, I don’t really gain weight easily but I still workout because I like my muscles toned and strong. Disclaimer: I’m no hardcore gym buff. The fitness routines I’ll be showing you from now on are the exercises that work for me. They’re mostly easy to do so don’t you worry!

I know most of you are interested in achieving those elusive abs so for my first fitness vlog, I put together a few of my favorite core exercises with the help of Fitness First. My trainer and I made sure to include simple exercises that you can easily do at home. No heavy equipment! Just body weight exercises and TRX. (I really wanted to throw in a few TRX core exercises because I personally feel that they work the best for me.) Hope you like the video and you learn a thing or two from it!

Shot and edited by Exposure.PH
Special thanks to Fitness First Platinum, SM Aura

18 Responses to “VLOG: Basic Core Workout”
  1. Stephanie

    Hi Camille! Do you shower before or after you workout? I’ve heard traditional myths that it’s bad to shower after you workout? :) You seem to maintain a great shape. You’re my fitspiration! <3

    • Camille Co

      I used to never shower after workouts because my mom believes the same! Now though, I shower right after. I read somewhere that you just have to use warm water instead of cold :)

  2. Cessie

    Hi Camille, do you drink protein shake? Can you share with us the brand and how frequently you drink it? :)

  3. Kay

    Camille!!! Aside from my never-ending request for your closet tour, My challenge for you is to have a video reading all your bashers’ negative comments and let the world know your reactions about them parang Hater’s Gonna Hate ni Isabelle Daza? Have you seen her videos? It’s really fun and brave of the people in the videos to take her challenge ;) Para maiba naman hehehe =>

  4. Margaree

    I’ve watched your video and such a simple yet effective work out some of your moves are my usual workout routine too! Soooooo love it :*

  5. Dilek

    You look so pretty when you workout. I personally tranform in one hot red mess. Sometimes I even cry… I said sometimes! :P

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