We all need to take a breather every now and then–to step back, relax and unwind. But sometimes, we don’t have the time and luxury to take long vacations so this is when staycations come in handy. Outside the hustle and bustle of the center of Metro Manila lies a charming and unpretentious boutique hotel called Azumi. Managed by the same group behind Picasso, The Henry and more, Azumi is conveniently located right at the heart of Alabang and offers guests the perfect escape from the city. Scrumptious food by Romulo Cafe, topnotch nail services by The Nail Spa, a picturesque view of the city by the pool are just some of the little indulgences you can enjoy while staying at Azumi. Oh how I long for the day I can go back and do a little staycation once again. In the meantime, allow me to reminisce through these photos that I took from my last stay.

Cynthia Rowley dress JL Heart Online accessories Alexander Wang heels Oysho bikini H&M kimono

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  1. dyan

    ate camille why you so gorgeous? i love everything about this post.ohh especially those shoes :*love lots!!

  2. Maica

    Oh God! That so close yet so far feeling! I work and stay near that place but boy, I haven’t seen you! Gosh, my heart melted and I crunched my hand as I tried to calm down myself from saying, “SAYAAAAANNNNGGGG!” Oh fate! Poor me, I hope I could see and meet you one day! But I wouldn’t lose hope for that moment! *Crossfinger* I will see you one day, and I’m very excited for that to happen! :)

  3. Vallee Gonzaga

    Love the photos. Did you take the wind on hair photo at the pool using your sony z5? I’ve been looking for a good camera or camera phone! Hope you can help :)

  4. Justine

    Ate camille!! Its been a while that i don’t leave a comment on your posts 😔 As always you have such great photos! I really love your dress and the heels! Actually all of it! Haha LoL. You really inspired me alot. Love lots!

  5. Elaine Villapando

    So pretty! Love the dress x shoes. Suits you well :) <3 ur always my inspiration

  6. Donald Calloway

    Have you ever stayed at the Filipine Plaza Hotel in Manila? I stayed there in the ’80’s for a few nights. Perhaps you could do a photo shoot there and blog about it. The hotel was once the presidential palace of Ferdinand Marcos.

    • Camille Co

      Do you mean Westin Philippine Plaza? It’s now Sofitel if that’s the place you’re referring to :)

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