Happy 2016!

Another year has gone by and just like that, we’re ringing in the new year once again. But before I officially say hello to 2016 here on my blog, I’d like to look back and just reflect on how 2015 treated me. Thankfully, it was yet another fruitful year filled with laughter, life and lots and lots of love. Unlike 2014, my biggest blessings this year came in a more personal form. Career highs were still abundant–endorsements, design clients, projects, nominations, a magazine cover and numerous features–but at the end of the day, my personal sources of joy still took the cake. They’re the reason why 2015 got me feeling the most complete. It’s like I couldn’t ask for anything more.

So now that it’s time to greet the new year, I only have one wish–I wish that each one of you are as content and happy as I am with 2015. No regrets. No bitterness. Just filled with love and positivity. It’s the best way to start 2016. Happy new year, everyone!

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  1. Maica

    Sorry if I’m going to greet you late, but as what they would say, “Better late than NEVER!” Have a happy 2016! I hope that this year you’ll be blessed once again by our Dear Lord! :) I miss reading your blog!!! <3 2015 was really one of my greatest year EVER! Just wanted to share God's blessings to me, after the hard work at school from being a working scholar,finally I was able to graduate last year and receive the Degree that I took! And after that, I was able to get a job that I like! Words couldn't describe how I feel about this stuff that I had receive from up above! I'm so happy, and now I can go to places that I like, meet and make friends with new people, helping my parents financially and I was able to grow as an individual and as an artist. Truly, what can I ask for more? But sincerely, I would still wanted to thank you cause up until now, you're still one of those person that inspired me to become and achieve the best of me. :) Love you lots! :*

    • Camille Co

      Oh wow! You’ve got a lot to be thankful for! I’m so happy 2015 turned out well for you. Hard work definitely pays off, don’t you think? :) Happy 2016!

  2. MT

    Happy New Year Camille! Hope 2016 is even better and we get to see many nice fashion pix, tips, and all you decide to share with us! Cheers!

  3. BiKé

    Happy New Year to you Camille :). Can’t wait to see more of what you have for your blog this year.
    Those pillows are beautiful. What is their size or dimension.

    • Camille Co

      Oh gosh I don’t know exactly but they’re the usual throw/floor pillow size :) Happy new year!

  4. anne-marie

    Hoping that in the year 2016 will be better than 2015,
    that was really bad

  5. Quen

    Happy New Year Camille!!!

    How time flies, it feels like yesterday when I saw your Chalk Magazine Dec 2011 feature for a Samsung phone… That post kinda introduced me to bloggers and fashion.. I never knew of that side of the world before that LOL (I got stuck in a cave? or maybe I was just to much of a nerd LOL)

    I have been enjoying dressing up for myself.. You have been such an inspiration ever since :)

    I hope to see you again!!! More pictures with you hehehehe :*

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