Going Green

Japan has made me a lover of anything that has green tea. Green tea drink, green tea ice cream, green tea cake, green tea chocolate, green tea perfume, green tea lotion… basically green tea everythaaaaang. It’s just one of the few healthy things that is actually really good in any form which is probably why I can’t have enough of it. In fact I’m surprised I haven’t turned green yet at this point. So imagine my delight when I heard there’s such a thing as a green tea toothbrush. YES, you read that right–TOOTHBRUSH. Oral-B just introduced its newest innovation, the New Ultra-Thin Green Tea Toothbrush and I want to be one of the firsts to try it! Whooopeeee!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How the heck is this possible? It was actually my first question as well. I mean, does the toothbrush taste like green tea? Does it smell like green tea? How is it a green tea toothbrush?

Apparently, each bristle of the new Oral-B Ultra-Thin Green Tea Toothbrush is infused with green tea leaf extract through a tedious 13-step process, making sure the soothing and gentle properties of green tea are absorbed into the toothbrush. These properties, along with the 0.01 mm tapered bristles of the toothbrush, help people with sensitive gums avoid brushing their teeth in pain and improve gum health in just 14 days! What’s even better is that it’s super affordable too at just P99!

I’ve only been using my new Oral-B Green Tea toothbrush for a little over a week and so far, I haven’t been experiencing bleeding gums or any gum sensitivity with it. The verdict? I love it! (Although I would love it even more if it actually tasted or smelled like green tea. LOL. Hello, I’m Camille. I’m a green tea addict.)

If you want to try the Green Tea magic as well and you live in Metro Manila, join my Oral-B giveaway by posting a green tea-inspired photo on Instagram with this caption: “I want to try the new #OralBGreenTea toothbrush! #ItsCamilleCoGiveaways”. It can be anything like flashing a wide smile while wearing a green shirt or smiling with a cup of green tea or a green flat lay. Get creative! There’s no need to tag me on the photo. Just make sure your profile is public and that you’re following me on Instagram. I’ll be choosing the winners on Feb. 27 and announcing them on my Instagram.

Hurry and submit your entries! Trust me, once you go green, you won’t be afraid to grin. (Pats self on the back for rhyming.)

***This is a sponsored post. ***

16 Responses to “Going Green”
  1. iam_a_unicorn1911

    yay! i will definitely join here . finally, a solution to my bleeding and sensitive gums T__T

    • Camille Co

      Oh no! Give na lang an address of a friend or something if ever you win :)

  2. anne-marie

    you really are a drugged green tea :D :D :D
    Frankly, I prefer coffee, but I like to take a cup of tea with vanilla

  3. Elizabeth T.

    Wow this toothbrush sounds so amazing! Haha I can’t believe even toothbrush bristles can be made from green tea extract now :D Technology really has advanced so much! Thank you so much for sharing, Camille, and hope you have a great weekend!

    XO, Elizabeth

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