Styling Denim in 3 Ways

Denim is a style staple. I think we’ve established this a number of times already here on my blog. It’s a classic piece that never goes out of style. No matter how designers reinvent it, it’s just always on trend. It’s like that popular kid in school, you know. He/she can wear, say and do whatever they want, but he/she will still remain popular and cool no matter what. Denim is that popular kid. It can do no wrong. We just have to find the right denim piece for us–which isn’t all that hard especially with stores like Forever 21 giving us a gazillion choices.

This summer, Forever 21 highlights denim wear, in all styles, shapes and sizes. Denim tops, jackets, skirts, jeans, cut-offs, shorts, dresses and overalls in distressed, bleached, natural and more types of denim fabric–you name it, Forever 21 has it. With all these choices, the problem isn’t finding the right denim piece for you anymore. It’s “how on earth do we trim down these choices?!” This is why, I thought I’d style a few denim pieces for you. Maybe this way, you’ll get inspired and know which denim look you’d like to rock.

All clothes from Forever 21 | Chanel earringsAlexander Wang boots | Theory white heels | Alexander Wang red heels

18 Responses to “Styling Denim in 3 Ways”
  1. Summer

    I just followed your blog recently (and honestly,I regret not doing it earlier). So now, I am reading your old posts and they are really helping me a lot. I am particularly addicted to anything denim, in fact, if I am shopping, I would choose denim over any type of clothing. Haha! 😊 your style is an inspiration.. I didn’t imagine that a striped long sleeves will be a good partner of denim romper.. Thank you for this post. 😊

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Summer! Glad you found my blog :) Denim is always a good idea!

  2. Nelayish

    Wow so many denims! I can’t choose which is which, all are versatile and easy to style!

  3. April Marieson Fuentes

    If I’m the one who wear that demin, I may look so “badoy” but you? you always stands out. I mean, wow! Ikaw na talaga favoriteee kooo!

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