Be Vibrant

Bold colors for a city as vibrant as Hong Kong. With all its bright lights and flashy stores, there’s no such thing as too much. In fact, I actually blend in despite the strong hues on my outfit. Oh how I miss this place. I miss the busy streets, the loud noises and the stores that seem to never close. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon Hong Kong.

Choies top Zara pants Newbark slippers Mulberry bag

34 Responses to “Be Vibrant”
  1. Chantel

    Oh my god, i really love your combination here. those are my favorite colors. +++++++ for me….

  2. freja

    Pls continue making youtube posts,,,and teach us how to pose, capture and blog :D

  3. Lily Wrist

    I absolutely love this look and adore the bag! But the trousers are my favourite, they’re so bold and brave and you really pull them off!

    • Camille Co

      Thank you Lily! I love them too because they’re so darn comfortable!

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