School Is Cool

Summer break is officially over, kids. Here’s a little back to school #ootd made especially for those of you who are still in school.

Ohhhhh, I still remember my good old student days as if it were yesterday. I loved preparing for the first day of school because it meant I get to buy new school shoes, bags, clothes, supplies and most of all, that awesome multi-compartment pencil case. (Admit it, you wanted it too at one point in your life. It was THE pencil case of all pencil cases!) First day prep was definitely a shopping event I highly anticipated. (This is what happens when you’re a nerd and shopaholic rolled into one.) Out of all the items on the shopping list though, the thing I really put the most thought into was my school bag. When you’re a uniform-wearing student, the only way you can look fashionable is through your accessories. And your school bag is the biggest, most attention-grabbing accessory in your outfit so it’s definitely important. How I wish we already had bags like this–a backpack that’s functional yet feminine, stylish and compact. None of those bulky straps and compartments. If I had one of these, I probably would’ve kept it all this time.

You lucky kids, you.

Chanel earrings | Muji cardiganJukaykay Atbp. dress Punchdrunk Panda backpack Saint Laurent sneakers

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  1. Eloisa Abella

    Yes, the school bag! I remember back in our elementary days when we used strollers and if ever we forgot the name of our schoolmate we would say: ” You know, Marian the one with the blue Bratz Jade bag.” Hahahah

  2. Maebs

    Your outfit is really cool.( ill try that one too) 😊😊😊😊 My everyday outfit in school are pants, tees, and pair of sneakers so that i am comfortable to roam and run around. 😊😊😊

  3. mallyohmally

    haha at times you are really so funny Cam :p I can so relate to the pencil case :D
    Sometimes, I’d like to think we were separated from birth as I always find you and me has lots of similarities. lol

    I’ve missed checking your blog. It’s been awhile.

  4. Marg

    Hi ate camille! I really adore everything about you. I wonder, how do you plan your ootds? Do you just buy things you want and then plan an ootd OR you already have ideas and then buy what’s in your head? Hope you answer me, love you ate cams!

    • Camille Co

      I don’t know really. Sometimes, I see something I like and can’t resist not buying it because I just imagined an OOTD haha! It really depends :)

  5. Elizabeth T.

    Definitely agree with you – back-to-school shopping always made me so excited as a kid too! :D Hahaha and yes those multi-compartment pencil cases (especially the Hello Kitty ones)! <3 Those were everything! Loving this unique bag!

    XO, Elizabeth

  6. Bev

    such a cool outfit…you looked soo young in that outfit..i love the sneakers, the dress and most of all that bag.its so gorgeous..i guess Miss Cams, you were the coolest kid back then.

  7. Angel

    Your photos are really nice 💙 I love it! 😍 May I know what camera you usually use? You edit photos before you upload? Thank you!! 😘💋

    • Camille Co

      Thanks Angel! I use Canon 5d Mark iii or Sony A7s. This was with my Canon. I usually edit via Adobe Photoshop first :) But nothing fancy, I;m no pro. :)

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